566. Renovations | Part 5

leftbanked renos
Here is another renos update (which I'm sure you must be sick of hearing about by now)..I'm getting burnt out from this whole process. A lot of time, energy, $$$$$ spent. & when you deal with sooo many different companies/people, there are always issues that come up like with my furniture and appliances. For the most part, the companies we went for have been good to deal with so far (since we compared a few different places for each thing we bought and went with the best). The one that has caused me the most stress so far is the appliances. I hope my fridge will come soon so that when I move in I can keep up with my daily smoothies lol. & I hope all goes well with my range, since they have to change the voltage on my power outlet to install it. Besides that, my contractors have been really good to deal with so far. They're already doing 2 of my friends' places after mine. If you want any recommendations, feel free to ask me! Next week I still have to get my kitchen faucet, cabinet door handles, side tables, shelf, wardrobe, microwave, desk chair...I think that should be all for now. Then some extra stuff I will buy over the next few months.

We should be in the final stretch now. My washroom should be done tomorrow then my kitchen next week. My bed is arriving tomorrow so I'm going to go and spend the night there (for the first time in weeks!!!)

Besides my renovation project, theres also been a lot of other (good) things going on in my life recently. So I've been extremely busy..in a good way.

1kw chicken caesar salad
Every time I go down to my place to check on the progress, I spend most of the day at the bar catching up with the bartender + having my daily chicken caesar salad + sweet potato fries. I also meet up a few friends every time. It's funny because when I lived there, I never went to the bar (well it has been a few years since I did that)..and I don't even meet up with people half as much hahah. I should continue that when I move back.

leftbanked renos
I'm so in love with my new floors. If you follow me on Snapchat and/or Instagram (Insta-story)..you'll know I nearly ruined them as soon as they got put in lol. I think when everything is done I will take advantage of my building's hotel maid service to clean everything for me so I don't run into another issue with cleaning hahah.

leftbanked renos curtains
Just ordered my curtains!! The curtains were probably the thing I cared the least about at first..I didn't think it would really matter what they looked like. But now I can't wait for them to be installed since I found the perfect fabric!

leftbanked renos
Current state of my washroom. I like how they put the tiles on my ceiling as well. So excited to see it all come together...I really hope the tiles will match my cabinets/faucet/door handles. I also need to think of what colour towels and floor mat to get. I kept my old mirror but now I don't know if it matches. As this is my first renovations project (all from scratch) I'm so nervous that something will look un-matched or off when it's all done. It is a fun experience though. I think I want to get into the business of flipping properties someday since I love designing lol.

Petit Potato ramen
Dinner the other night..so busy I had to work while eating lol =\

A few weeks ago I said Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" was my favourite and I had it on repeat..but with my current stress levels, I needed something way more extreme hahah. So my current favourite form of stress relief is blasting this song. Now I decided to get new speakers for my place (my neighbours are going to hate me)...currently looking for nicely designed ones. However I still like Shape of You so I found this..so far my favourite version of this song:


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  1. I love the bathroom tiles! Great pick and very you!


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