568. Renovations | Part 7

royal york hotel lobby
I feel my renovations posts are starting to get repetitive now hahah..progress has been quite slow. So far I got maybe half my furniture/appliances here..still waiting on more and have a few more small things left to buy. My washroom is almost finished now. Apparently they will finish the countertop and sink tomorrow. Not sure when the kitchen cabinets will arrive..that will be the final thing they have to put together, along with the countertops for that as well. Also I'm soooo excited for my new faucet!! Kind of weird, one of the most important things for me in this entire renovations project is my kitchen faucet lol. I spent two Friday nights searching for hours for the perfect one. I finally did last week and placed an order, which should arrive sometime this week.

I'm really happy with the way everything is coming together so far. I still need to get lighting for my place. I have a cool idea for one that I sort of have to "make"..going out later to buy the stuff then work on it today. I'm so excited for it. Hope it turns out well.

My friend took this photo of me above. We go to the Library Bar at the Royal York Hotel a couple times a week now, which you probably know since I've posted pics from there for a few blog posts in a row now lol. As it's connected directly to our building, we don't have to walk outside in the freezing cold weather or wear our coats! This was Thursday night..it was super busy so we had to wait for our table.

library bar royal york
blue velvet upholstered bed
I really love my new bed! My new mattress is amazing..it's soooo comfortable. I've had really good sleeps these past few nights.

leftbanked condo
Yesterday my couch thing arrived! I'm not sure exactly what to call this actually..as it's not really a normal couch hahah. The bottom part is leather and the two cushions are suede. It's pretty cool. It can also be used as a bed. I chose the colours myself so the blue cushions matches my bed. Hennessy really loves it as you can see. Now I'm a little worried about having to maintain the white leather..would've made more sense to get a darker colour but white matches my other furnishings better! I'm going to reposition this when everything else arrives. It's a bit bigger than I expected so I have to figure out how to place everything. Wish I had a bigger place now hahah.

hennessy pomeranian
appliances leftbanked
My appliances arrived! I should've asked them to turn my range out the other way (for photo purposes)..but I guess I'll show you once the kitchen is finally complete.

leftbanked yoga stellasport
My outfit the other day! I was planning to go to yoga again but ended up not having time that day. I haven't gone in weeks already :s I really need to get back into it. I bought a new yoga mat as well to use at home. Then I have my other one that I keep stored at the yoga studio. I realized that almost everything at my place now is navy blue, gray, and white. That's why I got this pink mat (I know it looks red in the pic).

leftbanked condo
toronto financial district
My west side view..the first thing all the delivery men say when they come in is that they love the view hahah. I do as well (obviously)!

leftbanked snapchat
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  1. Your place looks great! Would you mind sharing the name of your new mattress? We are in the market for one.

    1. Thanks! I have the one here..Diamond Sleep - http://sleepdream.ca/classic.html
      I really like the firmness of it

  2. I love reading about your renovation plans and progress. I also never tire of seeing photos of Hennessy :) I love the combination of the white and light grey or is that blue of your bed sheets. I'm excited to see what kind of kitchen faucet you ordered! I hope you've been well.

    1. Thanks! The bedsheets are actually two different shades of blue! I can't wait to get the faucet installed lol

  3. Wonderful! The new couch looks great and I like the idea that you can convert it. Looks like it's all coming together now. Can't wait to see the final result.


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