667. Day 15 of 28 | Pisa and Lucca

The next day, we were in Pisa. I guess the main reason Pisa was on our itinerary was because it was the closest "big" city to Cinque Terre, our next destination. We only spent a day in Pisa. It's a pretty quiet city and there isn't much else to do besides seeing the Leaning Tower. Since Lucca was a quick half hour train ride away, we decided to go there for the evening. I LOVED Lucca! It's a very charming and cozy little town. I really liked the atmosphere there. (The photo above is from Lucca by the way)

Italy food
Lunch in Pisa. I ordered an "Aperol" which tasted like orange cough syrup. I never had it before (only aperol spritz) and didn't know that it was alcoholic..the effects of that hit me pretty hard hahah.

Pisa Italy
After lunch we continued on our walk to the Leaning Tower

Pisa Italy
The gelato shop on the left corner here is very popular. It was my favourite gelato from the whole trip!

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Lucca Italy
Then we went to Lucca..

fat cat
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro Lucca
The city center of Lucca is walled-in and filled with narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets. We wandered around a bit then reached Piazza dell'Anfiteatro which was the coolest "square" I've ever seen as it's actually completely round like an oval. The area was filled with restaurants. We had dinner here, then gelato, before heading back to our hotel in Pisa. I really love Tuscany. Would love to go back and explore more of the countrysides someday.

Piazza dell'Anfiteatro
Piazza dell'Anfiteatro


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  1. AN Amazing destination to enjoy our life some beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing this tour experience with us. Good guide keeps sharing.


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