669. Day 17 of 28 | Hike to Vernazza and Riomaggiore

view of Vernazza
The next day, we decided to hike to Vernazza. At first I didn't know it would be an actual hike like that. I thought it would be more like a 1-hour walk over on nicely paved roads. However that was not the case. It ended up being about 2.5 hours and some parts were pretty difficult to walk. It was extremely exhausting but worth it in the end.

We started off the day by having breakfast at a focacceria. Actually this was our 2nd breakfast of the morning since the first one was pretty bad lol.

Monterosso Italy
leftbanked hike
Then began the hike..

Monterosso Vernazza Hike
Most of the route looked like this. Very narrow and you had to be careful not to lose your balance. Also there's only space for one person so sometimes you'd have to wait to the side while the people in the other direction passed (and vice versa)

Monterosso Vernazza Hike
The first encounter: an accordion player

Monterosso Vernazza Hike
The second encounter: a man selling lemon juice, fresh from his farm.

Monterosso Vernazza Hike
The third encounter: an old man we got orange juice from. He didn't speak a word to us but was really nice and friendly and used hand gestures. I kind of felt like I was in some kind of video game. Like on a journey somewhere and making our way to each rest stop/drink place to replenish our energy lol.

Vernazza Monterosso Hike
Nice views along the way..

Vernazza Italy
Then we finally made it to Vernazza. We walked a bit around the village (which was very small), had a drink and gelato, and bought some souvenirs.

Vernazza Cinque Terre
After Vernazza, we took a train to Riomaggiore (~10min ride or so)

fried seafood cinque terre
In the evening, we went back to Monterosso for dinner beside the sea. It was forecasted to storm the following day and the waves were incredibly strong. We ate here with the sound of crashing waves. It was pretty cool.


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  1. wow gypsies in the mountain. can't avoid em anywhere


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