689. Amsterdam Part 1

leftbanked despacito Amsterdam
We were in Amsterdam for 5 nights. We were to celebrate New Year's Eve here. While the city is very beautiful, there isn't too much to do there. So it was a very relaxing several days and I guess that was a good thing since we were both pretty sick during those days. I've been to Amsterdam once before when I was 17 but I don't remember much at all, so it was nice to rediscover the city again.

On our first day, we visited the Anne Frank House which I've always wanted to go. It's a very popular attraction so we booked our tickets about a month in advance. I didn't know this before but all the rooms in there are empty and unfurnished. They only included a photograph of a recreation of the room in each. I felt that took away from the full experience but it was the wish of Otto Frank (the father) to leave the rooms unfurnished. We were not allowed to take photos inside so all I have from that visit is this pic of our apple pie lol. It was really good actually:

Anne Frank House apple pie
Dam Square lion
Dam Square Christmas tree
Amsterdam houses
I really love the style of the buildings here. They have a lot of character, especially the "crooked" ones. All of the ones I saw the inside of were so spacious and nicely furnished.

Dutch clogs
rubber duck store
Christmas tree
car art
Amsterdam dancing houses
balloon dog Jeff Koons


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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >"689. Amsterdam Part 1" <Liked it!


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