688. Dinner at La Cabra & Last Day in Madrid

La Cabra Madrid
On our last evening in Madrid, we had dinner at La Cabra, a Michelin-starred restaurant by chef Javier Aranda. Unfortunately I was pretty sick those days and happened to lose my sense of smell/sense of taste that night. Needless to say, I didn't taste anything at all :( Unluckily this was the only meal during the entire trip I couldn't taste lol. My boyfriend had to describe all the tastes to me along the way. He said everything was really delicious. I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience though, and everything was so beautifully and uniquely presented. Each course came with a different set of utensils that perfectly matched with how to eat it.

My favourite presentation was the eggs dish. I thought the square stands they were on were just pieces of paper to prop them up. But they were edible. I think they were made of extremely thin slices of fried potatoes.

La Cabra Madrid
La Cabra Madrid
La Cabra Madrid

The following day, with a few hours to spare before going to the airport, we just walked around the city park and streets:

Madrid City Hall
Alcala Gate Madrid
El Retiro Park Madrid
El Retiro Park Madrid
Madrid architecture
Madrid Congress
Madrid buildings
Kenzo box bag
& I got a new Kenzo sweater!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your tour experience of Madrid. Your pictures are saying everything. You had a great time in that place. I read your post. I really appreciate form your post, your post is very beneficial for every traveler including me.


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