710. Toronto | CNE 2019

CNE Toronto
Taking a quick break from the Peru posts! Visiting the CNE is a yearly tradition for me. I've been going at least once every year for as far back as I can remember. I didn't get a chance to last year since I was in Europe during those weeks (I was a bit sad to have missed it!) but this year it started once we got back from our trip. I love going in the evening and taking photos of everything with all the lights. I went on opening night with my boyfriend, then again a couple days after with my mom and sister.

CNE is on until next weekend (September 2), ending with the annual Air Show. I will try to go again next weekend as well to see it.

If you are interested in visiting this week, the hours can be found here: CNE Hours. A general admission ticket is $19.99.

CNE Toronto
CNE Polar Express
This is my favourite ride! It's probably the only ride I actually enjoy. My sister and I used to go on all the time.

CNE Toronto
CNE Toronto
CNE Toronto
food at the CNE
CNE lantern festival Marco Polo
Lantern installations: Legends of the Silk Road come to Light

CNE lantern festival animals
CNE lantern festival
CNE lantern festival fairies
Jack and the Beanstalk CNE lantern festival
Atlas Holding the World CNE lantern festival
Hansel and Gretel CNE lantern festival
In case I didn't post enough alpacas from Peru..

alpaca CNE
alpaca CNE
CNE food
These "Fiesta Fries" were soooo good.

CNE ice cream waffle
I get an ice cream waffle on almost every visit.

CNE Toronto
CNE Toronto
CNE Toronto


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  1. I can't believe how perfectly square the ice cream in the waffle sandwich is 😂😂


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