708. Peru Trip | Night Exploration + Fishing for Piranhas

Piranha teeth
One afternoon we went fishing for piranhas and other Amazonian fish. It was my first time ever fishing and it was quite fun. By complete luck, I managed to catch the largest fish! It was also the only one I managed to catch though lol. It was a Red Belly Piranha:

Amazon Fishing Piranha
fishing in the Amazon River
Piranha Fishing
cooked piranhas
We ate them for dinner. They have a ton of bones and barely any meat.

Amazon outfit leftbanked
One of my Amazon outfits. We had to always wear long sleeves and pants (due to the millions of mosquitos and other insects that bite) that were also light and airy (due to the extreme heat). Also the rubber boots are for walking in the forests since there's a lot of mud.

life in the Amazon
Amazon boat tour
The Amazon Rainforest
birds in the Amazon
I forgot what these birds were called. They were yellow and black and have long legs.

Amazon Rainforest
Amazon River
Amazon boat tour
Howler Monkey Amazon
I think this was a large howler monkey.

Sunset in the Amazon
I love the sunsets here.

red nocturnal bird Amazon
On some nights we went out for a walk in the jungle in search of nocturnal animals. Here's one of the birds we saw. It looks a bit fake here lol. My favourite nocturnal animal we saw was the capybara (the largest rodent in the world). They look really funny. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of it. We saw it while on the boat and for a very brief moment.

Amazon Nocturnal Bird
Bullfrog Amazon
A large bullfrog.

Bullet Ant
Bullet ant.

Owl Monkey
Owl monkey.

Amazon Frogs
Another frog.

Amazon Discovery Lodge
Playing scrabble (& other board games/cards) for the first time since I was a little kid.


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  1. A fishing article--something a little different for you all! Very interesting. I would have been worried about falling out of the boat, lol.


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