709. Peru Trip | Wildlife (& Wildfire) in The Amazon

Amazon Discovery Lodge leftbanked despacito
Drone shot of us with our guides in The Amazon!! I'm still in the middle of my Amazon posts and now the fires in the Amazon are all over the news and social media..so I'm feeling obligated to at least mention it lol. I don't have all the facts about this current fire in specific, but I do know that forest fires happen often/every year and are a necessary process of the environment. In fact, if there are not enough fires starting naturally..they are started intentionally as a way to "reset" the forest floor. When we were there we saw some very small fires started by people. I also heard that this fire was started intentionally by the Brazilian government in order to clear more land for cattle and agriculture and will not be used for reforestation. I personally do not agree with this and hope they do not get too extreme about it. In either case, there is nothing that people posting about it on social media can do ("thoughts and prayers" will not help). The Amazon is vast. Although it is sad for the animals there and different species dying away, I think people should be more worried about the Arctic disappearing.

Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkey!

Carachama fish
Amazon wildlife
Egrets in the Amazon
There were a lot of egrets in our area. I love them. They look very elegant.

Amazon trees
Amazon Peru
Amazon birds
monkey in the Amazon
tree trunks in the Amazon
trees of the Amazon
trees in the Amazon
The trees there are so cool! We came during the dry season so there was no water here but during the wet season, the water can get to a few metres high. It would be so cool to navigate around in a canoe.

trees in the Amazon
Amazon trees
Amazon tree with water
This tree contains perfectly safe and drinkable water.

Caiman nest eggs
We found a caiman nest with eggs! Caiman can lay up to 50 eggs per pregnancy.

Caiman egg
fishing in the Amazon
Amazon egrets
San Juan de Yanayacu
We visited this village, called San Juan de Yanayacu. There were a lot of kids. It was very small (I think population was about 90-something). All the houses were built around a rectangular field. Our lodge was one of the three in the area which supports this village. They showed us this anaconda snake they found:

Anaconda snake Amazon
Anaconda in the Amazon
San Juan de Yanayacu village
The school in the village.

souvenirs from the Amazon
We bought some of the crafts they made.

despacito in the Amazon
What we do when the Internet is down/slow!


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