725. Last Weeks in Toronto

leftbanked despacito Peru
Hello from Spain! We are currently in La Coruna as I make this post. In fact it's already the final day of our 2-week trip. We have a flight to London in a few hours then we will stay the night there. Tomorrow we go back to Toronto.
This trip was booked kind of last minute and it wasn't really planned. We spent a few days in Edinburgh first then came to La Coruna (my boyfriend's hometown) to visit his family and some other things he had to do here.

I'm pretty behind on my blog now. I will do the vacation posts once we get back to Toronto..but at least I managed to complete the main Peru posts before we left lol.

Here are the photos from the last couple weeks in Toronto before the trip.

Sapiens book leftbanked
Reading Sapiens, which I now finished! I really enjoyed the book.

DASHA Toronto
DASHA Toronto cocktails
A new Akira Back restaurant called DASHA. The cocktails were really good and nicely presented. The food was also delicious and tasted really authentic. However it is pricey for what it is, since Chinese food is generally really cheap at other places. For example the "har gow"/shrimp dumplings order was $14. At dim sum restaurants they are maybe ~$5.

DASHA Toronto
DASHA Toronto har gow
Ripleys Aquarium Toronto
We went to Ripley's Aquarium for their Halloween event called Dark Waters.

Ripleys Aquarium Toronto Halloween
Ripleys Aquarium Toronto
Ripleys Aquarium Toronto
Ripleys Aquarium Toronto
Toronto aquarium Halloween
Fall Foliage Evergreen Brickworks
When we left Toronto, this was what it looked like. Now I guess it is way colder and snowier..

Fall Foliage Evergreen Brickworks
It was my first time visiting the Evergreen Brick Works park and walking along the Belt Line..I really loved it!

Evergreen Brickworks Park
Don Valley Brick Works Park Autumn
Evergreen Brickworks Park
Don Valley Brick Works Park Fall Foliage

Now I must go and finish packing..


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