726. Edinburgh in November | Arrival, Victoria Street and Harry Potter

Victoria Street Edinburgh
I can finally start on my vacation posts! So in this trip we were only visiting two different cities within two weeks: Edinburgh & La Coruna. It was my first time visiting Edinburgh and third time visiting La Coruna. If Scotland is to be counted as a separate country, I've now visited my 30th! (I've been to the UK in the past but just England) I really like the style of buildings and streets in the UK. Edinburgh is similar to London is some ways but it felt a lot smaller. The weather was pretty bad the entire time we were there (lots of rain and cold), but I still enjoyed it.

We flew from Toronto to London, where we were supposed to have a 4 hour layover for our flight to Edinburgh. However that didn't go as planned. We booked with WestJet and first they delayed our flight by 2 hours. Then another hour, then another hour..it was so frustrating. In total we were delayed 4 hours I believe, which meant we would not be catching our next flight. We ended up having to book a new one to leave a few hours later. I will file a claim with WestJet and hopefully we can get some compensation.

leftbanked airport lounge
despacito airport
What the Dog Saw Malcolm Gladwell
In-flight reading. We brought 3 books on the way there and 6 on the way back lol.

Dunstane Suite bathtub
Thanks to the flight delay, we arrived in the evening so we decided to just stay at our hotel as there was no point exploring the city. We stayed at The Dunstane Houses which is a very nice and intimate boutique hotel housed in a 19th century house. This was my favourite feature of our suite - the beautiful vintage bathtub!

Dunstane Houses Edinburgh
The dining room was so relaxing and cozy.

Dinner Dunstane House

The Dunstane Suite
The bed was so cozy I had trouble getting up the next morning.

The Dunstane House
The Dunstane House Edinburgh
Morning drone flight. I will do a full review of our stay there in an upcoming post!

Walking into the Old Town

Victoria Street Edinburgh
Victoria Street Edinburgh
Victoria Street Edinburgh
The street featured in most Instagram posts of Edinburgh - the famous Victoria Street.

Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery
The author of Harry Potter, JK Rowling, is from Edinburgh and wrote the books here. So this is considered the "birthplace of Harry Potter". There are Harry Potter tours that bring you around the cafes she sat at while writing the books, lots of Harry Potter fan shops, building that inspired Hogwarts, and this cemetery - Greyfriars Kirkyard. It's a very small place and located within the city. It was where JK Rowling walked around to get inspiration for many of the names used in the stories. By coincidence I just re-read the entire series a few months ago (I saw the movie playing one day at a bar and got inspired to read the books again lol) so it was a good time to visit, while it was all still fresh in my mind.

Harry Potter shop Edinburgh
Harry Potter shop Edinburgh
Harry Potter shop Edinburgh
Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
We got a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to try. I've never had them before and I was surprised/impressed at just how realistic the flavours were. The worst ones I had were earthworm and rotten egg. It was sooo bad I almost spit it out but I was forced to finish it lol. At least I didn't get the vomit flavour one which I expect would be the worst (that went to my boyfriend heheh). I kind of liked the grass one.

Edinburgh boutiques
pub dinner
There is a pub on every corner at least. We decided to have a traditional pub meal that night.

Louis Vuitton travel
The Dunstane Houses


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