723. Peru Trip | Playing with Monkeys at Monkey Island!

Woolly Monkey
Monkey Island, aka La Isla de los Monos, is a new world monkeys sanctuary a few hours' boat journey from Iquitos. They rescue, rehabilitate and release monkeys that were victims of the pet trade. The monkeys live freely on the island and are super friendly with visitors, climbing on people and playing around. They are all babies. Once they get old enough, they must be released back into the wild (otherwise their natural instincts take over and they could start becoming aggressive and territorial). We were so excited for this part of the trip. I've never interacted with monkeys before. It was a really fun afternoon and I highly recommend it if you are ever in Iquitos.

Getting to the Island was quite an unconventional journey though. There are no boats that take you directly there and the Island itself doesn't arrange your transportation. There are also no scheduled boat departures..and also, the port of Iquitos is not very tourist-friendly (there's no signs or anything, and people don't speak English). You kind of have to figure everything out on your own. Everyone there were locals and walking down to the port on wooden planks was quite scary for me lol. Luckily we had a guide in Iquitos who took us to the boat. The rest of the journey we had to figure out ourselves. Fortunately my boyfriend speaks/is Spanish so that helped a lot. I would not have survived there on my own.

Here are the scenes from Iquitos port. I really loved it (even though I hated walking on the planks) - it felt like a really authentic experience and we were the only foreigners around.

Iquitos Peru
Iquitos Peru
Iquitos Peru
Iquitos Peru
Iquitos port

Then we went in a boat headed to "Varadero" port. One of these boats:

Varadero port Iquitos
This was Varadero port. We got out and was kind of confused what to do next.

Iquitos Varadero port
Oh & this was what we had to walk on lol. I was sooooo nervous.

We waited at Varadero port for quite a long time. We saw a lot of locals arriving and departing again on those boats, carrying all sorts of things with them. We were told that a boat from Monkey Island would come by to pick us up and bring us there. At first we didn't know that we were supposed to call the Island to ask for a pick up. Luckily another visitor knew and called them for us.

Monkey Island Iquitos
Finally it came and we were off!

Monkey Island Iquitos
We arrived!

Woolly Monkeys
baby monkey
Iquito Monkey Island
Monkey Island Iquitos
Monkey Island Iquitos
I really loved this Howler monkey. When we visited the Amazon, we heard their "howls" at times. I think it's the coolest sound in the Amazon but also very frightening.

Monkey Island Iquitos
This was my favourite one!

Monkey Island Iquitos
Most of them were these - Woolly monkeys

despacito Monkey Island
Scarlet Macaw
This Scarlet Macaw kept attacking my boyfriend's shoes. I think he sees other colourful things as competition and wants to fight them lol.

Iquitos boat
Heading back..we had to do the same route. Take a boat from the Island to Varadero, then from there head back to Iquitos.

Iquitos port


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