738. Recent Life | Pre-Quarantine

Daft Punk Canada Goose Bearbricks
Still living in quarantine and I've honestly lost all track of time! I've gotten used to it now that the thought of being in public places/eating at restaurants seems strange to me. Here is a final quick post from my pre-quarantine life. My next post will be more recent and I'll write more of my thoughts from these past weeks.

Canada Goose Polar Bear Bearbrick
This is my newest Bearbrick! It's the Canada Goose x Polar Bears International edition. They released it several weeks ago. It is limited edition and I had to purchase it immediately the morning it was released (eagerly refreshing the website). I managed to get one before it sold out within minutes.

Canada Goose Bearbrick
Earlybird avocado toast
Earlybird avocado toast
My avocado toasts from Earlybird. I feel I was one of their last customers lol. On the second to last day before everything shut down, I was the only customer there for hours.

leftbanked outfit
Toronto court house
Summoned for jury duty!! So its been something I've wanted to do for a long time (I can't believe I'm the only one who actually wanted to do it while everyone else is the opposite). I work remotely so it wouldn't affect my work much (unless I got stuck in a case for days). Long story but I actually got excused from doing it in the end. I was just there for a couple of hours. I was pretty upset after that lol but now I am over it. Hopefully I will get chosen again in the near future. The photo below was the sitting area where you wait. It was a huge room with a lot of chairs and a lot of people. It was kind of like an airport lounge. You are allowed to bring stuff to do, eat, go out for short breaks etc. There are also very clean washrooms.

jury duty Toronto
Evicted book
During the couple hours I was there, I started reading Evicted. I have since finished it and it's my favourite book I've read so far in recent years. It was super interesting and I highly recommend it. There are some books that I read and purposely try to read slower so that I can enjoy it for longer (if you know what I mean hahah)..and this was one of them.

Omai Toronto
Omai Toronto
Omai Toronto
Earlybird Brookfield Place
hennessy pomeranian puzzle
We have since given up on completing this puzzle and now it's put away, unfinished. :(

David and Goliath book
When I like an author, I usually buy all of their books. I really liked Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers and What the Dog Saw. I'm almost done with David and Goliath. There were a couple interesting chapters but overall I didn't enjoy it as much as the others.

Evivva Breakfast
mango dessert


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