739. Recent Quarantined Life

leftbaned elevator selfie
I think now it has been 3-4 weeks since the quarantine started. At this point, the only stores open are grocery stores and pharmacies. Certain businesses like hardware stores and restaurants are offering curbside pick up or delivery (if they are even open - many are not). We are still allowed to go outside for walks but cannot be in groups of 5 (?) or more. I am still busy working and have gotten used to this life. I guess at least I am able to accomplish more while being at home all day. I am also saving more money and saving up to buy more stocks when the time is right.

I am worried about the effects of this on the economy though. I hope it will be a fast recovery and not years of another great depression. I feel grateful to still have my job and regular income for now. Back in 2008 during the previous recession, I was 18 and had just moved out on my own and started university. I studied Fashion Communications and was shopping a lot more than I am now. Being around all fashion students was encouraging for that. To be honest I wasn't even aware of the economy being in recession. One day I was in Louis Vuitton and there was a reporter there from National Post (if I remember correctly) and I got interviewed for the article. The story was about people who were still luxury shopping during the recession. It's funny when I think back on it now lol. I was still young and carefree with no responsibilities. At least not the same level as now.

I hope the situation will improve soon. I don't mind the day to day life of quarantine but I hope to be able to travel again soon. I am aware it will probably be a year or more until everything goes back to the way it was before. At least not until we have a vaccine made.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

bloomberg Coronavirus edition
A Coronavirus edition from Bloomberg Businessweek. It was super interesting and very informative. It was the first magazine I read entirely from cover to cover. I will keep it as a memory. It will be interesting to read about it again decades from now.

Toronto PATH COVID19
No seating areas anywhere in the PATH now

Toronto PATH COVID19
A few Starbucks are open but no seating either

Toronto PATH COVID19
I was so upset about this lol. One of my favourite grocery stores I frequently go

One King West lobby bar
My lobby bar is closed. This was a few weeks ago - now all the chairs are gone

1 King West Hotel lobby quarantine
1 King West Hotel lobby
1 King West Toronto entrance
I am not even sure how many hotel guests we have now. I rarely cross paths with anyone when going in and out. It feels nice and peaceful though. We still have security and some staff members.

leftbanked hennessy pomeranian
This is Going to Hurt Adam Kay
This is Going to Hurt - Adam Kay
I loooooved this book. I was excited to read it judging by the amazing reviews (click the link to see) and I was definitely not disappointed. I just finished it yesterday. It's actually really funny in some parts. I wish it was longer. I highly recommend it - especially in times like these to really appreciate all that frontline workers/doctors do.

dim sum delivery
Ordering dim sum for delivery from my favourite - Dynasty. Trying to support local Chinese restaurants. I hope they will be able to survive this. I feel many restaurants are going to be gone by the time places reopen again.

CN Tower Toronto
Dog walking around my area..completely deserted when normally it's packed with people (especially rush hour)

Financial District Toronto quarantine
Commerce Court elephants
The New Farm book
The New Farm by Brent Preston
Haven't finished this one yet but I love it so far. It's also pretty funny in certain parts. The author is from Toronto and moved a few hours out of the city to start a farm. I really like farms so I was interested in reading it, and it was a bonus that it's also based in Toronto.

despacito reading
marble bathtub
Home project - resealing the bathtub. The part where it meets the tiles. I am not sure if there is a special name for that lol. The caulk we had doesn't work well so now I had to find and buy another one online (since hardware stores all closed just as I needed them!!)..and delivery is delayed. Hopefully it arrives soon. One thing I realized from this Coronavirus situation is that we may have taken everything for granted before - when everything just worked smoothly.

leftbanked despacito quarantine
chicken pesto pasta
One of our rotating meals during quarantine - chicken pesto pasta. It's soooo delicious. We finally got it right with the pesto amount lol.

Grunt Mary Roach
Grunt by Mary Roach
I only read a bit of it so far but she is one of my favourite authors so I am sure I will love it. I am not sure how to give a brief description of the book but you can find it in the link! I accidentally got the large print edition of this.

1 King West Hotel
One of the perks of living in a hotel! We got provided another suite (for a few hours) while the AC in ours was being worked on. Due to social distancing we were not allowed in there with the maintenance worker.

King Street Quarantine
Looking down on King Street East...so empty.

King Street Quarantine
& this is King Street West.


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