740. Recent Quarantined Life | Empty Streets of Toronto

Financial District Toronto
It's almost mid-May now and we are still quarantined. At least the weather is still pretty bad here/cold so people are not as tempted to go out. I wonder how much longer this is going to last. It has been nearly 2 months of lockdown here in Toronto. I think I've stayed home more days during this period than all the days in the past 11 years I've lived here. Before living in downtown, I lived in the suburbs at my family house. During summers off from school, I sometimes stayed indoors for weeks at a time without realizing it lol. Then when I moved downtown, I was so happy to be in the middle of everything that I would be out most of the day every day.

I don't mind it now though. I've gotten used to this lifestyle. I just miss being able to travel.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went on a long walk around our area to take photos of the deserted streets. I tried out my new camera (my birthday gift from him). We are in the Financial District which is normally packed with people (on weekdays at least).

Toronto Financial District streetcar
Financial District Toronto
Financial District Toronto
COVID19 Toronto
Financial District cows Toronto despacito
Brookfield Place architecture
Financial District Toronto
Financial District Toronto
Toronto Financial District
Royal York Hotel Toronto
fortune cookie
shrimp scampi pasta
Stella the Pug
quarantine exercise
leftbanked home
Stairwell cardio & home yoga..unfortunately this hasn't been so consistent

Hong Kong pineapple buns
Been cooking and baking a lot. These are Hong Kong style pineapple buns. They turned out pretty well for the first time. Then we tried Mexican conchas (below) which are similar but with a different top. They don't look how they should, but apparently they taste pretty authentic.

chocolate conchas
Inniskillan Icewine Dinner
Talking to Strangers
Hys Steakhouse Takeout
Takeout from Hy's for our 31st Monthsiversary dinner.

brown white dove
Woke up to see this at the window. I guess it is a dove. I know some wildlife have been creeping into the cities now that there's less human presence..I wonder if this is a result of that. Or maybe they've always been around downtown and I never noticed? I think I've only seen regular pigeons here though.

One of our quarantine foods

First Canadian Place PATH
The empty PATH..I'm glad it's still open (I go in there for Longo's)

Bill Bryson At Home
Themed reading: At Home by Bill Bryson. So far I'm about a third of the way through..really love it so far. It's really interesting and contains a lot of facts on everyday items you probably never thought about.

Kitchenaid citrus juicer
Got a Kitchenaid citrus juicer attachment for orange juice. It takes a lot of oranges to make a full cup. We've tried a few different kinds. My favourite are the Cara Cara oranges.


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