794. Morocco Part 21 | Goodbye Morocco!

Fes cemetery medina
We are now in Casablanca at our airport hotel waiting for our dinner as I write this post. We arrived here this afternoon to spend the day as our flight to Bangkok (via Dubai) leaves tomorrow. This morning was pretty hectic. We had to get up super early (way earlier than our usual wake up time of ~11am lol) to do a PCR test. The lab we went to gives results in 8 hours so it was convenient to do it kind of last minute. I think this was our 5th ever PCR test since last August when beginning this journey. I'm sure there will be many more to come. Luckily, the one today was pretty painless.

After the test, we had to go to a doctor to get an examination as we also need a "Fit to Fly" document to enter Thailand. Afterwards, we did some last minute packing before our driver arrived to bring us to Casablanca. It was about an hour's drive so not bad at all.

I'm not looking forward to the long flights but I'm really excited to arrive. Our quarantine hotel is very nice and I'm excited to blog the experience hahah. I'm actually looking forward to it (some people may dread quarantine) because I can be more productive and I have 5 new books to read. Also, after several days (after we do our first PCR test there) we are allowed out for a limited period each day to go to the rooftop pool. The meals also seem really good and we get exercise equipment in the room so it will be a good experience.

This will be my last post from Morocco. We are finally leaving after almost 3 months here. I really enjoyed it and it was quite a unique and different experience from anything I've had before - my first time in Africa and first time in a Muslim country. The photo above and below are from the cemetery in Fes, looking into the medina in the distance. I forgot to post them before. The rest are from the past weeks in Rabat!

Fes cemetery Rabat Rabat cat Probably the last cat photo I'll post for awhile lol.

Paul cafe breakfast Rabat despacito Starcups Rabat Starcups Coffee.
There's several places with similar logos/names to other popular chains. There was also Sandway and Faceburger lol.

Arribat Centre Arribat Centre
The place we stayed was very close to Arribat Center, which is a huge open-air shopping centre of Rabat. It's pretty nice there and very new. I think they just opened mid 2020. We came almost every day - mainly to the grocery store lol.

Babell Rabat Hummus Zayyane Rabat Zayyane Rabat Zayyane Rabat couscous Morocco convenience store Morocco cat
Ok I guess THIS will be my last cat photo instead of the previous one hahah. There are cats literally everywhere on the streets here. I always feed them if we are eating outside and if there's cats around. This one I gave probably half my chicken shawarma. He kept meowing for more and by the end he just sat there like this. I think he was finally full lol.


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