796. Bangkok Part 2 | Quarantine Update

Thailand fruits
We are already a third of the way through quarantine! I can't believe the time is actually going by pretty fast. I'm enjoying the relaxation and routine. I find our days structured around meal times - wake up at 9am when the breakfast arrives. Then have a few hours to work until 1:30pm when lunch arrives. Then work some more, do a work out (bike & yoga), read, etc until dinner at 7:30pm. Take a bath, work and read some more until sleep. One of my "goals" this quarantine was to get my taxes done but I always procrastinate on doing them. I must force myself to before we're out, otherwise it will be much harder for me.

This morning we had our first PCR test here. We must do one on the 6th day and then another on the 13th day. If this one comes back negative, we will be allowed out to the pool terrace for a limited time each day. If the second one comes back negative, we will be done the quarantine.

Bangkok hotel PCR test
We went to this area to get our test done and it was SOOO hot and humid. We were only out for less than 10 minutes. I didn't know before just how hot Thailand is all the time. Every day it's like 34 degrees but the "real feel" is 42. I can't imagine how hard it is for the workers having to wear full PPE in this heat but I guess they are used to it. This PCR test was quite painful.

Bangkok quaratine meal Bangkok quaratine meal Bangkok quaratine meal Centara Hotel Bangkok Quarantine meal
Some more of the meals. We noticed how everything was really good the first few days but then the quality seemed to have deteriorated (with much more simple/boring meals and a few were too spicy for me). But now it's starting to become better again. I wonder if it's because there's alternating chefs - usually the food in the beginning of the week are better.

Bangkok hospitalDelivery from the hospital. So cute!

leftbanked quarantine BangkokThis is our workout and luggage storage room (the entrance room). It's so nice having a bike in the room.

Centara Hotel Bangkok Quarantine quarantine workout Bangkok leftbanked books
Quarantine books! The David Attenborough and Homo Deus ones I already had but the top three were purchased from the English book shop in Rabat before leaving.

All the Light we Cannot SeeAll the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr
Yesterday I finished this one. I really loved it! It is quite a lengthy book but I read through most of it in one day because I couldn't put it down. It took me awhile to get into (I didn't really like the structure of the book - it jumps back and forth between years) but halfway through I started to really enjoy it. It is pretty depressing since it's set in the war time though.


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