838. Munich Part 2 | Hofbrauhaus

leftbanked despacito Hofbrauhaus
Here is the second part of our short Munich trip. Hofbrauhaus is a popular beer hall/tavern/restaurant for both tourists and locals. It was built in 1589 (as a brewery) and remains as one of Munich's main attractions. There is a lot of history in the place - it was where the Nazi Party held their first meeting/where Hitler made his first speech.

I really love it there. It's huge and the main hall is under these gorgeous ceilings. All the tables in this part are the long wooden ones that you share with other people. Patrons are usually a mix of tourists, locals and the "Regulars". They dress in traditional Bavarian clothing and have their usual tables and personal beer steins. According to the website, there's about 100 groups of active Regulars and the oldest table has been held for 70 years. I would love to experience Oktoberfest here someday. The place is usually very busy and it's not unusual to see a line outside. We came during a quieter time of day, though it was still quite busy. I think they also lowered the capacity a bit due to COVID.

Hofbrauhaus interior ceiling Hofbrauhaus interior Hofbrauhaus beer
The standard size of beer here is 1L. I got a Radler (beer + lemonade). I usually don't like beer or the taste of alcohol in general but I looove radler. They make it the best here. I've tried radler in other places (like in Toronto) and they taste like a completely different drink.

hofbrauhaus schnitzelThe schnitzel was very good

hofbrauhaus food
The sausages were disappointing. I was expecting something like bratwurst but instead we got these ones which taste exactly like ones you get at a supermarket.

despacito hofbrauhausWhen I asked our server to take a photo of us he thought I meant to have him in the photo lol

leftbanked despacito HofbrauhausThen we cleared it up..

Hofbrauhaus Munich Hofbrauhaus Munich Hofbrauhaus MunichLove how they have live music!

Hofbrauhaus rubber duckA little souvenir..

Munich Munich Louis Vuitton Munich Munich nutcrackersOne of these days I will start a nutcracker collection

Munich souvenirs Munich Germany Marienplatz Munich Marienplatz Munich Munich souvenir shop Munich Germany


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