837. Munich Part 1 | Around Old Town & COVID Tests

Marienplatz Munich
We are currently in Tallinn as I make this post. A lot has happened these past weeks that I still need to update about. After we left Spain (about 2 weeks ago), we took a whirlwind trip through Munich, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. We only stayed 2 nights at each place which seemed super rushed to me (after this year of "slow" travel where we would stay at least a month per city). I now wish we had at least 3 days in each place. We chose these destinations due to a few reasons. Main reason being..we had to reach Luxembourg since I wanted to visit a friend of mine who lives there. I also needed to stop in France for the vaccine.

From Spain, the best airport to fly out of was Madrid. Due to COVID there are less flight routes so many routes required layovers. Madrid to Munich was a convenient flight as it was short and didn't include any layovers. From Munich it was also convenient to get to Luxembourg. So we decided to go there, and I also had to do a stop in France as I wanted to finally get my COVID vaccine. Out of a countless number of countries I've checked with, France is currently the only country that allows non-residents to take the vaccine. I was only a tourist for 2 days yet I was allowed to register and receive it free of charge. Next month I would have to go back to somewhere in France for the 2nd dose though (I'm thinking Paris!!)

Strasbourg was the most convenient city located in France with proximity to Munich and Luxembourg so that's why we chose it. Also, it's a beautiful place and I've always wanted to visit! Travelling during this time has been a really exciting and interesting experience, because we've been choosing our next destinations as we go along. We never have anything planned more than a few weeks ahead as we always need to follow COVID entry requirements and priorities of the time (for example the vaccine in France, and also our stay in Croatia a couple months ago was because I needed to stay in a non-Schengen country for awhile). So it makes us visit places we otherwise would probably not have.

Anyways, we are now in Tallinn for at least a month. We are really enjoying it so far. I would have never thought to visit Estonia before. Let's see if I'm able to catch up on my blog a bit during these weeks. I've organized my photos and everything now and I am at least 27 blog posts behind (!!!)...I still have posts from Thailand, Croatia, Bosnia, etc to post lol. Plus the ones from this recent trip and then the Tallinn posts. I'm likely going to still be doing travel posts well after we are back in Toronto..

I've visited Munich once back in 2012 so this was my second time visiting the city. Munich feels like a quintessential German town to me. I really love it there, especially the food and style of buildings.

COVID test Munich COVID test Munich
The reality of travelling during COVID. Every country we've been to since Spain (Germany, France, Luxembourg and Estonia) have the requirement of presenting a COVID document in order to enter restaurants, cafes or public events. This can be proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID or a negative COVID test. For me it would be the negative test as I don't have either of the first two yet. If I was not travelling, I wouldn't mind this requirement but since we are travelling..going out to places is a big part of the experience. In Munich they had a LOT of testing stations and it was all free of charge.

I got one done here in Munich, in Strasbourg (that cost me 25 euros though), and in Luxembourg (that was also free). Each test is only valid for 48 hours. I've honestly lost count of how many times I did it since we first embarked on this big trip...however I think it's close to 20 times now lol. I've done it twice so far in Tallinn. On the first day to enter a restaurant, I didn't even think of this requirement. So I had to buy a self test from a pharmacy and do it outside the restaurant, then show them the result. I don't really mind these rules as it is a trade off for travelling during the pandemic and all.

I am not strongly for or against the vaccine. But it would make travelling a lot easier. In about a month I will have my 2nd dose.

Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich Germany Hofbrauhaus Munich Green Porsche Munich Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich restaurant
My favourite type of restaurants. It was so cozy and the food was delicious. Our server was super friendly as well. I ordered a spaetzle which is one of my favourite German dishes.

spaetzle Munich German pretzelI also LOVE pretzels!

Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich Germany Germany traditional clothing Germany traditional clothing Munich Germany Munich Germany Munich Germany


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