836. Spain Part 3 | A few days in Madrid

Hermes Madrid Spain
A few weeks ago we visited Madrid for several days. This was my second time there. The first time was in winter 2018 when I was quite sick (with a cold) so this time I was able to enjoy it more. I really love the city now. The architecture is very beautiful and there is a lot to do. It's also a very walkable city with lots of cozy streets.

Now our time in Spain is coming to an end. Next week we will go back to Madrid for a day before quick stops in Munich, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. I'm excited but not with the thought of dragging around 4 suitcases (plus carry-ons) on the trains lol. After this year of "slow travel"/staying at least a month in each place, having only a couple days each at the upcoming cities seems so rushed to me.

Retiro Park Madrid Retiro Park Madrid Madrid park Madrid La Rollerie avocado toast Madrid Spain Casa Alberto Madrid Casa Alberto Madrid
Madrid has a lot of these old restaurants. I really love them. In fact, the oldest continuously running restaurant in the world is located here in the city but we didn't get a chance to go. We did to go this one called Casa Alberto which opened in 1827. It was located right beside our hotel. It's cool to think about all the people that used to come here (including some well-known figures).

Madrid Spain Madrid Spain pharmacy madrid spain La Bibi Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Madrid Spain architecture Four Seasons Madrid Spain Plaza Mayor Madrid Plaza Mayor Madrid Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Plaza Mayor Madrid Madrid Spain Madrid Spain Madrid buildings Madrid old restaurants Room Mate Alba Madrid Entrance of our beautiful hotel - Room Mate Alba

Louis Vuitton alma bb


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