848. Tallinn Part 3 | Medieval Restaurants

Olde Hansa Tallinn
The old town in Tallinn has a lot of medieval style buildings and restaurants. We visited three of them. The main one is Olde Hansa which is one of my favourite restaurants here. We came here for the first time on our first day in Tallinn then several times after. It's a huge space, with 3 (or 4) floors. The staff are dressed in medieval garb and even speak the part (and they reuse the same jokes). Sometimes they have live music playing themed music. Inside it's quite dark and only lit with candles. Even though it's a touristy place, the food is really good. The photo above shows their entrance, where they have a stand selling freshly roasted honey-coated almonds.

Olde Hansa Tallinn Olde Hansa TallinnAn array of menus in many different languages

Olde Hansa Tallinn Olde Hansa Tallinn Olde Hansa Tallinn Olde Hansa Tallinn Olde Hansa Tallinn menu Olde Hansa Tallinn sausages I always get the sausages dish which are a mix of bear, wild boar and elk meat. Along with a honey beer.

Olde Hansa Tallinn dessert This baked apple dessert is also delicious

Olde Hansa Tallinn Ill Draakon Tallinn
Another place we went is Ill Draakon. I really loved it here too. It's a tiny tavern style place inside the town hall building. The photo above shows the entrance. Their menu is extremely limited but everything is delicious and very cheap.

Ill Draakon Tallinn Ill Draakon Tallinn Ill Draakon Tallinn The elk meat soup here was probably one of the best soups I've ever had. It's really really good.

Peppersack Tallinn moose
Lastly we also went to Peppersack. I liked it here as well but the experience in the other two restaurants are a lot more authentic. Here I had moose meat.

Peppersack Tallinn


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