50. Things About Me

L'Officiel Paris has become my favourite magazine - for many many reasons. They have a lot of ads for the most beautiful watches..perfect eyecandy hahha - lots of Cartier, Chopard, Breguet, Patek, and many more I can't spell. I recently found out that most of the "serious watch connoisseurs" don't like Rolex. I guess Rolex is more mass-produced and mainstream and most people think it's THE best in watches, when it's not. Anyways I really should stop talking about watches! So in this post are some facts you might not have known about me. 
This was my previous "dream watch" which now seems very inexpensive ever since I've discovered Breguet (there's many versions of the Christal..normally around $2-5k)
1. I love looking at the moon. Sometimes when I'm walking home at night and see the moon I would gaze up at it as I walk and possibly bump into a pole.
2. If I am eating in a sit-down restaurant by myself (I don't do this often) or with a new acquaintance, I only use ONE utensil and only one. Just a fork. No fork AND knife.
Dior ring (I think their cocktail rings are like $90k) I love big flashy rings.
3. The more unattainable something is, the more I want it. And once this 'unattainable thing' becomes 'attainable', it usually loses its appeal..but there are some exceptions. I think a lot of people can relate to this.
4. I've always believed that everything in life is possible (even flying into space) which is the reason why I dream a lot. If someone has done it, why can't you?
5. Also because of that, I have a list of 80-something things (& counting) I want to do before I die. 
6. I don't like the colour pink.

7. The only bands I really liked as a kid were NSYNC and Hanson. At my old, old house I had their posters plastered all over my room and I always thought they could actually see me, so from time to time I'd look up and smile at them.

8. Sometimes I wish I was a boy so I could wear Dior Homme or Burberry Prorsum. and nice tailored suits. Oh and use damier graphite stuff.

9. I love everything foreign and I love collecting stuff from around the world. I try to keep or buy as many things as I can when I go travelling for all the memories..for example I even have a Mentos wrapper I got from the giftshop of Mt. Titlis in Switzerland and even a really cheap and disgusting mascara I bought from Finland.
I got so excited when I found this Breguet article. It talked about the Reine de Naples collection, Marie-Antoinette and King Louis XVI ♥
10. I don't like calling people by their names..I'm fine with saying their name in a conversation with someone else but if I want to ask them something and I need to get their attention, I very very rarely say " hey *insert name here* "
11. I do a lot of planning for the future. Way more than the average person. I do not want a conventional life.
12. My mom gave birth to me on a plane while flying over the Swiss Alps.......is something I wish I could say is true. Being born on a plane would've been so cool.

13. Whenever I go on vacation, I strictly listen to Hotel Costes albums.

Another thing I love about L'Officiel Paris are their editorials showcasing only jewellry. This is all Breguet ;]
14. I love history and I've always been interested in learning about Germany and the Holocaust. I like to read books about it and watch movies about it, and I've always wanted to visit Auschwitz.
15. I love living in the city but I always wish I spent my childhood in a farm. I think a farm/the countrysides is the best place for children to grow up - surrounded by lots of animals and having acres of land to run around..and maybe even a forest to explore.
16. I think the perfect life for me would be if I were to get a loft in Paris with exposed brick walls and do art all day..or in other words - be a full-time (non-starving) artist.

17. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the Truman Show - meaning there were times when I felt like I was being watched/'tested' but it's probably not true..right? RIGHT?

18. I have a thing for nice luggage. I want to build an "Eiffel Tower of trunks" (search for "Louis Vuitton snowglobe" if you don't know what I mean) in my future home..with trunks from Globe-Trotter, Goyard, vintage LV and of course Hermes.
19. I lovelovelovelovelove travelling. I'd like to spend a period of my life living at a new city every couple months to immerse myself into their culture.
The ultimate in phones - Dior & Vertu! I prefer the Vertu made with wood though. And if the Dior one came in a navy blue colour (the shade of their cosmetic boxes) it would totally be on my wishlist.

20. I love (boys with) foreign accents, with my favourites being: Swedish, French, German and Russian. 

& here's an article about the Beguet store in Place Vendome! (I think?) It's times like these when I wish I was fluent in french because reading that would take me literally an hour.


  1. "7. [...] I always thought they could actually see me, so from time to time I'd look up and smile at them."

    Haha this is so cute.

  2. Hahah I actually did think it was true =\

    btw can you translate the first picture for me?!

  3. Rodolphe found Miss Laure at the rendez-vous (meeting).
    "Right on time" he said
    "For the ponctuality, she is a Breguet woman"


  4. I love L'Officiel, I don't have a copy yet though. I'll probably pick up a February issue soon. I also seem to be having a watch obsession right now.

  5. yyeee beachhhh i am! You better have food!

  6. you commented on the wrong entry..? hahah


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