49. Breguet

So instead of doing homework, I am on the Breguet website, adding to my ever-increasing wishlist. I LOVE BREGUET!! It's now my favourite brand for watches. 
But after a bit of searching I found out that pretty much all the ones I like costs upwards of $30,000. Some even up to $90,000. But it's nice to dream...
Miroslava Duma has this watch. That's kind of why I went on the Breguet site in the first place.

Then I decided to look at some of the men's watches...I think it's safe to say that it's all much nicer than the women's collection.
A Breguet watch is now on my list of "must-have-items-before-I-die", right up there with the customized Goyard trunk. hmm I can actually afford a few trunks for the price of one watch. Or even a car. Or even the down-payment of a house. Or even a trip into space on the MiG-29 .
gosh I am so materialistic. That $48 million in yesterday's 649 lotto sure would come in handy.

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