51. Balenciaga + DSquared

Balenciaga FW09 RTW
I love the cowl skirts..

DSquared FW09 RTW
& I love the Starbucks.



  1. omigod. the starbucks is slightly nauseating. really??? i wonder if starbys paid for the product placement. it's just a lil' too much even for my consumerist sensibilities.

  2. the show was probably entirely funded by Starbucks..
    I'm sure they did it as a joke. I love it lol

    hahah I was just thinking about how nice the sweater I got will look layered (that's how I saw it on the mannequin before) so now I've decided to go back tomorrow to get the grey one too. and/or the white. and possibly one of those thin belts as well...and I'm gonna try on a blazer..ahhhhhhh

    I just have notes for now..I'm really dreading starting the actual thing!

  3. thanks for commenting, sweetie! i just love your blog!

  4. you're welcome & thanks! =]

  5. Hahaha, I loved DSquared2's

    amazing. It's like they actually know the main target for fashion -- twenty-something year olds.

    Balenciaga was such a disappoint to me! I would've liked it so much better if they had worn the skirts so that they actually flattered the bodies (like high-waisted style). From another blog, I read that it was like they were wearing diapers :P But I DO like the color combinations!

  6. hahah

    yea I like the colours too..they look so luxurious. I liked the stuff in the beginning but the ones near the end were very unflattering =\

  7. I LOVE DSQUARED!!!!!! what a cute beret. ♥
    XO, S.


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