48. Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma - I love her style and her collection of Hermes and I am jealous of her life in general! Here's all I know about her so far: she works for Harper's Bazaar Russia magazine, she's 24, married to a wealthy businessman, and her father is also one of the richest men in Russia. It's pretty inspirational to look through pictures of her because it reminds me of how amazing working in the fashion industry will be and someday have a wardrobe like hers..
This is so cute.

Her with her father! I love her dress!! I THINK it's by Lanvin?

I love her coat (the colour especially) I wonder who it's by..
Another croc birkin..
Dress by Roland Mouret
soo Russian! I spy Hermes boots..

I think she has that LV scarf in every colour. & that is definately the biggest Birkin I've ever seen.


  1. She is quite the image isn't she?
    As good as she looks I can't say I agree with her choice in killing animals for style... I only hope they are fake but doubt they are :(

  2. Ya I love her too! I also have that pic with her YSL saved haha

  3. definitely love mira's style
    she's absolutely gorgeous and makes every outfit her own~
    she's also very involved with various charity organizations and i believe has her own as well.
    (minus the fur, i'm a vegetarian so... =[)
    haha and i also have an inspiration folder as well with about 500 photos from everywhere haha

  4. she has amazing style, i didn't know about her so thanks i am going to check her out on thefashionspot now! i love that lv scarf so so so much after seeing alexa chung with it i just wanted it so much! i can't believe how much it is! :(

  5. she's got SO many sprouse scarves, they're too expensive for what they are but I still want one. Her birkin & Kelly collection is so despressing.

    If you like her style, you may also like Dasha Zhukovas (another Russian), hers is less tacky & ott

  6. I've heard of Dasha but haven't really searched for any pics of her yet..but thanks!

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