58. Louis Vuitton Graphite

New LV Terra Cotta!!! No, just joking..

So at the Louis Vuitton store today, a reporter interviewed me for an article in the National Post! The topic? Shopping during the recession. hahah.

Other good thing about today - found out I might be going away on a much-needed vacation RIGHT after my exams end!!!!! & maybe in August too!! OMG SO EXCITED BUT SHOULDN'T GET MY HOPES UP. I'll post more about this later..


  1. I can't wait either hahah omg its taking so long and I'm already a bit sick of doing it =\

    yea everything..I regret not asking her when the article will be printed!

  2. omg I wonder where your going for vacation!!??

  3. Actually, shopping during the recession doesn't help at all. I forget why, but I know that if you're going to buy stuff it should be commodities like gold. An excuse to visit Cartier? ;)


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