57. PM Patch Agenda in Azur

NEW LV! Just one box, not the whole pile - unfortunately.

The PM Patch Agenda in Azur!!! ♥
I've always liked it but I never thought I'd ever buy a Louis Vuitton agenda just because it seemed like a bit too much to spend on an agenda because I literally never use any of those daily planner things.

Well hopefully this will be worth a lot someday because the Groom agendas from a couple years ago are selling for $700 now..I think. I'm not sure if this one is as limited as the Grooms though. and hopefully this will motivate me to use a daily planner/be more organized/help with my horrible time-management skills. That is...if I can even find agenda refills that fit!!
The agenda doesn't come with refills. I was going to buy them from Louis Vuitton but they cost like $80! $80 just for paper that I can only use for..9 months didn't seem worth it.

Now banning myself from shopping once again for another month.


  1. it looks so good!!!
    i didn't know it had patches like that.. those are so cute! i told you you'd find refills that fit SOMEWHERE.

  2. omg i love this one so much better than the graphite holder!!

  3. yea I love the patches! There was another one with a pile of trunks on monogram which was cute too..

    lol but not the calendar ones =(

  4. whatever! this way you can do your random sketches and doodles.. you're not limited!!

    and plus, this way you can also write whatever you feel like writing without having to waste days where you dont feel like writing anything down.. you know?

  5. ahaha very true
    but I still needed those to help with my time-management/organizational skills!!

  6. i was shopping today in soho and i saw a guy with graffiti shoes and i thought of you XD hahah

    they were so extremely bright, i was atleast 1 good block away when i saw the bright green lol

  7. hahah those are awesome shoes!

  8. that is GORGEOUS. i wish i had money to drop like that man!

    and you know that self banning of shopping does not work D: not when you live in DT toronto!

  9. the LV agenda is BEAUTIFUL! =O
    oh and you should try KateSpade agenda refills. it's pretty cute and much cheaper than LV. plus, their calendars include birthdays of coco chanel, marie antoinette, (basically people who matter in fashion)... but i'm not too sure if it'll fit LV agendas so you might want to double check that ;]

  10. this is the way a blog should be! thanks!


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