59. Vacation Plans | ASIA!

In my previous entry, I talked about how I might be going away on vacation after my exams. Nothing's for SURE yet...but (if everything goes according to plan) I will be going to Hong Kong!!!

I guess most of you know already but my parents are originally from there..they take trips back there like every year but I haven't been there since 1998. I've always preferred visiting Europe over Asia but this time I'm actually really excited to go.

I'm kind of taking the same trip as my dad who just came back awhile ago lol. But this time I'll be going with my mom and she gave me the choice of also visiting China or Japan! I want to go to both but unfortunately it's too expensive and I think we're going for just 2-3 weeks.

I already made my decision about where to go but if you had the choice, would you either go to:


Obviously one of the best things about going to Tokyo is because it's one of the fashion and shopping capitals of the world (I'd say it's 2nd behind Paris) and everything's just so cool there. I've always wanted to visit the Ginza District.

But besides shopping, there's also the extremely high-tech gadgets. I'm kind of a tech nerd. Just a little bit.



For as far back as I remember, I've always considered this place the most beautiful in the world. It's like heaven on earth!
These two places couldn't be more different; Tokyo is so high-tech, clean, and expensive while Guilin is the total opposite. But it has amazing scenery and a really different way of life (which I've always wanted to experience).

I've already made my decision but I won't say what it is before we book the trip..but please give me your opinions!
As I said, nothing is certain yet. I really really really hope I can go though. My mom wants to leave like immediately after my exams end (beginning of May) which is great because it means this might all be happening in less than a month!
Hopefully we get everything booked soon so I can start making my shopping list hehehe


  1. wait.. are you kidding? THE GUILIN PLACE or whatever LOOKS SO SWEET. i was supposed to go to tokyo last summer but i couldn't cuz it was too expensive.

    funny coincidence: I MIGHT BE GOING TO KOREA TOO THIS SUMMER. except i'm keeping it on the downlow because it's not for sure and i don't want to get my hopes up, haha.


  2. I knowwwwwww I've always wanted to go there (Guilin)

    hahah yea I don't want to get my hopes up for this either but ahhhh I couldn't help it!! hope you get to go too!!

  3. you will love hong kong :D
    when you go to the harbour and see that skyline (like in the pic you posted), it is just amazingg seeing it in person.
    i'm excited to go back in the summer!

    and i think you should go to tokyo!

  4. Definitely, Tokyo.

    Guilin is probably better for when you're older and just want to relax. You can pretty much just go there for 2 days and I'm sure there will be nothing else to do lol. Because that's what happened to my dad, he went there this year and he spent most of his time in a hotel with his friend.

    I want to go to Tokyo soooo bad! Everything looks so cool there, seriously you won't regret it if you go there!

  5. that does make sense..ahh this is such a hard decision. I really really want to go to Guilin though! maybe I'll try asking my mom if we can go to both lol..but that's unlikely. well I shouldn't think too much about this trip yet though because it might not even be happening..

  6. I think Tokyo is the good choice, except if you want relaxing holidays Guilin would be better. It depends how long you stay, because what will you do in Guilin once you've seen the landscape?

    Btw,do you speak chinese, or japanese?

    Lucky you, Hong Kong!!!

  7. I speak cantonese/chinese

    I just talked to my mom about it..if we go to Guilin it won't be just that city. I think it'll be about a week and we're going to some surrounding cities as well..so there's lots to see..

    hmmmm....I dunno what to do!! I keep changing my mind..

  8. Tell her to choose for you, you'll have the surprise :D or just flip a coin.

  9. I thought of that hahah but I have a feeling she might choose Guilin because she's been to Japan before

  10. guilin!! its so freakin beautiful over there =D ive actually been to both places and i prefer guilin over tokyo lol (probably because i live in nyc and tokyo is somewhat similar)
    but tokyo is awesome in its own way, i love love shibuya 109 and omotesando hills (tons of name brand stores, which you will love);P

    wow long comment haha

  11. that's exactly why I want to go to Guilin too!! because I've never been anywhere like that before..

    and I can't help thinking that Tokyo is similar to HK in many ways - for example the shopping..one of the main things ;]

  12. (I swear I keep changing my mind with every comment. now I'm leaning towards Guilin)

  13. Reena - if you see this..what exactly did you do when you went to Guilin? do you just look at the scenery on a boat?

  14. i went on tons of boat rides, climbed mountains (amazing views) and great food XD
    this was when i was 10 so i don't remember as much but it was really fun and really different from what im used too.

    i usually go to shanghai&hangzhou when i visit china

  15. i personally think you should visit guilin since your going to hong kong and your from toronto so a taste of the country side would be nice ;]
    and you won't be missing out on shopping since hong kong has all that hahah

  16. yea that's what I'm thinking too..it's such a unique and different place that I've never been to before.
    but it's hard turning down a chance to go to Tokyo!!! lol

    oh gosh now I can't concentrate on anything else besides this

  17. i think you should go to tokyo on your own or with friends, its def alot more exciting. theres sooo many things to do.

    (there were things i couldnt do with my parents around :P lol)

  18. hong kong for sure. I almost go every year, but for sure you would love the food and you might like to shop near "tse sa tsui" or "central" since its where the high end boutiques are. BUT as every good place theres a down side, the people are VERY fast pace. they are impatient. another thing is hk has very nice places (unlike toronto once you go there you dont want to come back) AND they do have nice techy stuff like tokyo so i hope you will enjoy! :D

  19. I will definately be shopping at those places heheh. is that where Landmark is?

    but I'm going to HK for sure lol..like for 2 weeks but then we're also taking a side trip to either Japan or China

  20. Definitely, Tokyo.
    There you have secure-shopping lol.

    Good luck with your decision!

  21. thanks hahah
    but like I said..I can do enough shopping in HK!

  22. Hi Tiffany - since you are going to be in HK for 2 weeks, I would say go to Guilin- CH for a change. You will be in city lights and surrounded by mad shopping :) in HK, I think going to Guilin afterwards will give you that relaxation. KWIM? The pictures you posted are gorgeous!! Well, wherever you end up, I'm sure you will have a blast. Can't wait to see the pictures tho :)

  23. that's what I'm thinking too - thanks for your suggestion!!

  24. oh, i always love Tokyo!!!! xD
    great post, sugar.
    and please visit my blog too..

  25. TOKYO! i only say that because of the movie lost in translation hahaa


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