60. Vacation Plans | Hong Kong, China + Japan!!

I just spent the past couple hours looking at every one of the 900+ pictures my dad took on his vacation last month to Japan, China & Hong Kong. I won't be going to the same cities as he went but looking at all these pictures make me SOOOOOO much more excited!!!! Because guess what?! I will be going to Hong Kong, Guilin AND Tokyo on my upcoming trip!!!

Actually my mom said we could go to Guilin and Tokyo (5 days each city) OR spend 10 days in China visiting Guilin, Beijing, Shanghai, etc..once again very hard decision, since I really wanted to go to the Great Wall & see the Terra Cotta soldiers as well. But then again..I must visit Japan. I'm not sure if Tokyo is 100% for sure yet though, because we might visit Kyoto or Osaka instead. All I know is that we'll be gone for 3 weeks. I'll write more details tomorrow because it's already 5:44am and I'm still awake.

Here's some interesting pictures from my dad's camera - he's not here right now so I have no idea where/what all these places are so I'm going to assume they're all/most of Okinawa, Japan:

I love spontaneous trips - just 3 days ago my mom asked if I wanted to take a trip, and already..by the end of tomorrow our flight tickets will be booked!! It's times like these when I'm really grateful for having a family who loves to travel so much. I feel like anything can happen and I won't care just because I have the trip to look forward to. Obviously I can't really concentrate on anything anymore. How am I going to study for my upcoming exams?!?


  1. You're so lucky. :-P

    Long time reader, first time comment-er. I've just promised myself to start being more interactive on the blogs that I really like. :-D

    I'm looking forward to more travel posts - I've got the itch too!


  2. those pictures are amazing!

  3. make sure to visit some beaches in okinawa =] it was amazing when i was there

  4. and i think that picture with the naked baby butt is in china XD
    ive have never seen that in japan during my countless visits over in japan. only in china hahah

  5. waaa lucky you! you have to tell how your trip will be. i'm really interested in japan, maybe someday i'm going to study there, at TODAI! (amen) hehe

    visit mine: thatstinkyshoe.blogspot.com

  6. I think it's wonderful you guys get to travel whenever you want. Hopefully I'll find a job that'll allow me to do the same someday.

  7. I wish I could do it a lot more..

    sometimes I think about working in the travel industry - must be amazing only having to pay like 10% of a flight ticket lol

  8. hahah yes I'm gonna do that for sure!! ;]


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