80. Sequins, Estee Lauder, Club Monaco

I went to Pravda on saturday night with my friends. I'm really really mad because all the pictures I took from that night are gone!! I hate my phone - it somehow deleted them. Pravda was really cool that night..they were having a masquerade party! I got the coolest mask ever. Well it was sort of like a gladiator headpiece - covered with blue sequins and lots and lots of feathers. We had to leave the masks there when we left so I have no photos of it :( Oh and we also got free champagne!

Yesterday my mom came downtown and we went to Yorkville for a bit of shopping. First we went to Holt Renfrew to finally pick up her Gucci bag and I got some skincare stuff.

The haul of Estee Lauder skincare. The serum bottles are so pretty.

Shopping for beachwear at Club Monaco.
After my mom left, I met up with a friend. We cooked some food then ate it up at his rooftop patio (which had an amazing view!)
I'm very excited for the upcoming few days! Tomorrow morning I'll be going out shopping with my friend yet again. I still need a few more things for the beach. Then at night we're going lounge-hopping! First we'll be going to Panorama..then heading over to Pravda (YES AGAIN). Then coming back to my place until maybe 4am (yep, middle of the night) when our other friends come..and then we're all heading to the beach to spend the night there and to watch the sunrise. Hopefully we get good weather.


  1. ugh yea it's gonna rain so we're cancelling that lol =\ well we were originally gonna go to an actual beach but now we're just gonna go down to the harbour since it's closer. I'm gonna try to find that beach hahaha

  2. I totally laughed out loud when you just remarked about the fact that your speedy's dirty... i can't WAIT for tonight's gathering, haha- ! Really want to see the fireworks that's for sure. Let's pray weather will be good

  3. lol the weather looks perfect now but its probably gonna be like yesterday with the sudden thunderstorm =\

  4. i hope you love panorama like i do, the view is lovelyyyy

  5. well the view was good but the food and drinks were horrible lol


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