202. Louis Vuitton Bleu Infini Alma MM + Givre Alma

If you have me on FB/Twitter you probably seen this already but here's what I got a couple days ago..

Huge boxes/bags from LV..struggled to carry it home! Twice! lol

Alma MM in bleu infini!!!! It looks very dark in these pictures but in broad daylight it's a navy bue. Very gorgeous..I love it so much!! I went to Holt Renfrew a few weeks ago with my mom to look at handbags (for her). I hadn't even planned to buy this at first. I just asked to see it and I pretty much fell in love with it immediately when I held it. Then I heard rumours about Louis Vuitton increasing their prices, yet again, sometime in August.. so I decided to buy it before they do it. Oh AND for the fact that this colour might be discontinued soon. (There are only 3 left in Toronto!)

I love the lock on this. It feels different than the lock they use on my Speedy..like made from a different metal?

& this was what I ORIGINALLY bought. This is the vernis givre colour, which just came out on August 1st. I really liked it when I saw it in photos so I chose this over the bleu infini when I went in on monday. I also bought it in the smaller size. I wasn't that excited when I brought it home..& that's how I knew I should've gotten the bleu infini colour instead, and in the larger size. It actually stressed me out all day so the next morning (I only wake up early when LV is involved!) I went back to exchange it for the bleu infini, MM size.

The colour is nice but 90% of my wardrobe is black and givre doesn't match that nicely to black. My LVOE bandeau looks good on it though lol

Now it's time to start staying in more often/eating at home/sleeping earlier/SAVING UP..as my bank account is on its deathbed. Sleeping earlier won't help me save up but it fits into the category of things I should start doing more often.

ok so my previous sentence is a bit contradictory because last night I went out to the Thompson Hotel rooftop lounge !

Amazing view. Totally forgot to take pictures of their pool up there..I might have some on my phone which I'll upload next time. So anyways, this might've been the last time I go out for awhile! Actually that might not be possible but I should cut down. Meaning instead of going to Spice Route/Brassaii/Pravda 6 nights a week it will only be 4 nights on weekdays! lol. Seriously though, I need to start saving again (for that Birkin........)


  1. Your bags are amazing !!
    Come to visit me if you want and if you like it become my follower :)!


  2. Wow adorable!


  3. Beautiful!!! <3


  4. Louis Vuitton <333



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