207. Toronto Buskerfest 2011

Very behind on my blog once again! Here's a quick post with some pics of Buskerfest! It's going on for four days this year..tomorrow's the last day. I've been going literally like 3 times everyday lol. Well I live pretty much just down the street & go to that area alot anyway. I love it!

There's my building! The white flat one.

This was taken on thursday/the first day it started so it wasn't too busy yet.

I'll post the rest of the photos in my next post.

Last night I went to Devil's Martini - first time at this place. Actually I never even heard about it til last night. It's kind of weird how I've stayed in almost every night for the past couple weeks or so then suddenly last night I had like 4 different people asking me to go out somewhere. & I rarely go out on weekends (usually during the week). Anyway I came here with a few of my friends & we took Hpnotiq shots! :D It was a fun night.

Afterwards we all went to my friend's place (who also lives in my building) & smoked some shisha!

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