203. "life always gives you another chance"

I'm still a bit behind on my blog, so here's some of the random photos I found on my phone over the past couple weeks.

Top my mom got for me from when she went to Hong Kong a few months ago.

At the fountain behind my building/the courtyard/Commerce Court.

On the way to the islands a few weeks ago.

The best part was the boat ride back. I love the view! I went there during the night time & it was totally creepy..didn't realize the island would be so dark and deserted at night!! I went at like 9pm & didn't realize all the shops there would be closed already.

Wisdom exhibit at Brookfield Place

Against the Grain patio! That was the first time I ever been to that place. It's located on the "other side" of the harbourfront..aka the side that not a lot of people go to. lol well I never been there before since it's usually deserted and surrounded by factories. This "homemade" ice cream was good though.

& a much more familiar place - Pravda !


& no week would be complete without at least 3 visits to Spice Route! ;] Well last week I actually went there for dinner with my dad and sister. I've been there about a million times but never had the food there (besides dessert). It was pretty good..I'd probably eat there again.

I wanted to get decent photos of the food and everything but totally forgot to bring my camera :( & since it's so dark there it's nearly impossible to get good pics with the horrible Blackberry camera so here's two that came out.
This was the naan + dips..one of our appetizers. It was really good with the curry dip.

the Soy Ginger Glazed Salmon with Shanghai Rice Cakes. I really liked this one - I usually don't eat seafood but I'm starting to like salmon a lot..especially smoked salmon.
I forgot what other food we got, but for dessert we had those dragon rolls (which I ALWAYS get), & tempura banana. The tempura banana was delicious.

Anyways, onto a much more depressing topic - my summer just FLEW by :( I can't believe school is starting again in just under a month!!!! I'll be going into my final year of university..I'm excited and nervous at the same time, mainly because I don't really know what I want to do immediately after graduation. I talked about this a long time ago but I regret studying fashion, since there's no dream career I want in this industry. I actually do have a dream career now..well nothing specific, but I know the company I want to work for. Even more than LVMH. I think I'll try to get an internship with them first then reveal what it is..
Life seems like it's going by very fast as well. It's like I'm entering a new stage..


  1. aww cute doggie!! and great skyline shots



  2. LOVE these photos!!looks like soo much fun!!
    love your bag too.. and your dog is the cutest!!

    I'm having a DESIGNER DRESS GIVEAWAY on my blog right now

  3. Nice post and photos! :)


  4. You've got such a signature style. LOVE IT. Totally YOU.


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