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Today I finally went to buy my Alma bag in vernis..I got the givre, which came out today, but now I've decided to go back tomorrow and exchange it for bleu infini in the larger size. That was the one I originally REALLY loved. Givre was just impulsive and I realize now that it's too hard to match to my wardrobe. I took a ton of photos of it but I'll post it all in the next post together with the bleu infini when I get it.

Huge box!

A couple weeks ago I met the "blue men" of the Blue Man Group. Their show was in Toronto for like 10 days & they all stayed at my hotel/building.

Went to
Pravda with them one night...

Thursday =
Blowfish nights! Here's what my friend & I ordered:

Coconut Bay - coconut battered shrimp, cucumber, frizee, spicy kewpie.

I decided to try something different. It was alright..I found it a bit too dry. Very coconut-y.

Orange & Black - salmon, mango, avocado, orange & black tobiko, yuzu drizzle.

This one was very good! I loved it..like a "dessert sushi" as I call it.

Okinawan (bottom) - deep fried sweet potato wrap, banana, avocado, mango-kewpie coulis. I order this every time I come here. It's my favourite - also a "dessert sushi" I'm craving it right now..

Rainbow Flame (top) - I can't find what was in this..I remember there was a lot in it. Not too bad but not one of my favourites.

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