209. Kremlin / Red Square / St. Basil's Cathedral / Moscow

Look what I finally got in the mail yesterday!!! Sooo happy when it arrived. I went on an extensive search to find the perfect large poster to hang on that wall for a long time. I had a couple different scenes I wanted (it was between this, Nyhavn in Copenhagen or Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong). Actually the one I wanted most was Nyhavn, but I couldn't find a nice enough print of it. Then I found this - the Kremlin in Moscow! As most of you know, I really love Russia (if you look on the nightstand in the corner, coincidentally I have a book of Russia lol)

With the painting I did for a school project two years ago. It's part of St. Basil's Cathedral

A few days ago I found some tapioca from an Asian grocery store & made bubble tea!!

Tapioca..looks like giant caviar

The sky was really pink a couple days ago. My camera automatically balanced the colour so you can't see it too well..but in reality it was probably 5x more pink than you can see here. So beautiful.



  1. Really neat poster!! It decorates the space very well. I forgot to tell you that I stayed in your building a few weeks ago for a bachelorette party! I think I was on the 29th floor. When I stepped into the room, the layout was already so familiar to me because of the pictures you put up. (I sound stalkerish.. lol) The view at night was gorgeous!

  2. yea I love it! hahaha cool ;] the view is the best!

  3. Cool poster!!

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