211. welcome to St. Tropez

8am at the harbourfront a few days ago. I don't know if I've ever been up so early, by choice, on a day off but there's a first for everything. Well I was out the night before with a friend..kind of pulled an all nighter..took a short "nap" then went to the harbour.

So the night before: first we went to Ki !

Then Earls - I'm coming here so often these days!! They have a nice patio & amazing bellinis..sure I've said this many times before

More random pics from bar-hopping this week:

Last sunday night at the Thompson Hotel..after an unsuccessful night of searching for a good TIFF party

New skincare haul!! I always change skincare brands every few years; the last couple years I used Estee Lauder and now I'm trying Laneige. I really like the packaging (always the top selling point for me). I haven't started using them all yet but so far I tried the serum and BB cream - really like them. They have a very nice scent.


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  1. lol yea I know what you mean..I just buy things if I like them then never end up really wearing them =\


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