210. Nikki Beach at Bell Lightbox for TIFF 2011

A few days ago I went to an opening party for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) on the rooftop terrace of Bell Lightbox! It was by Nikki Beach - loved it!! So nice up there. Officially the nicest rootop patio I've seen in Toronto so far. I really liked the set-up of it. The DJ that night was also really good..apparently he's from St. Tropez. He played that song "Welcome to St. Tropez" which is now one of my new favourites/on repeat. 

This was the terrace - there were steps that go to the top, and in between/every few steps would be a platform with couches. I'm not good with descriptions so here's a very nice visual

Amazing view of King St

They had some of these beds inside the tent. Very cool.

& a bed at the very top!


We also dropped by Brant House for like 10 minutes at first. Adrien Grenier was there (I don't watch the show but he's the guy from Entourage..he's also staying at my building!)

Apparently this is Russell Peters..not sure who the other people are.


  1. jealous of that girl's red caviar 2.55 bag. great pictures by the way


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