246. I like London in the rain

I am leaving on my trip to Europe in less than a week..I was so excited about going when I first booked the ticket & started planning, but now I'm not as much because I'm a liiiiittle bit nervous about travelling alone. Also because I will REALLY miss Toronto and some people here. I'm sure I'll be fine when I get there though..I mean I'm not even going for that long. I know when I'm there I won't want to come back.
I already got reservations at some really nice restaurants, so I'm forcing myself to get over my fear of eating out alone hahah. I also spent the entire week planning my hotels. I know most people don't think it's worth it to spend a lot on hotels but I love staying in nice places..
I'll have my laptop so I'll most likely blog everyday when I'm there. I'm going to try to travel a lot more now that I'm done school/have more time, so from now on this blog is going to focus more on travel. Hopefully.

It's been awhile since my last post, since I've been quite busy..so here's some recent photos to sum up what's been happening:

The obligatory washroom photo in Spice Route

Pomegranate mojitos on the Boiler House patio. I don't usually drink mojitos but the ones they make here were so good, it's my new favourite summer drink!!

Unfortunately the calamari was not so good..

Dinner at Le Papillon - the amuse-bouche. This was one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, but their menu recently changed. It's still good but not as good as it used to be..



  1. how exciting! i think you're super brave to do this on your own! i'd be nervous to travel alone too. more cause i'd think i'd want somebody with me just to have some company you know. so i have to say i admire your courage! and of course i wish you a WONDERFUL trip and hope to see LOTS of pictures!!
    are you taking your little dog too? :)

  2. Wonderful blog! Love your header! My absolutely favourit brand is also Louis Vuitton! I´m your new follower! I hope you are following back!

  3. I am travelling alone most of the time. Whilst I don't enjoy eating out alone in Luxembourg (where I live), I don't mind when I am abroad. It's so nice to spend quality time with oneself :) By the way, I am off to Barcelona today (alone) for four days.

  4. I want to visit Europe again! Especially London! Maybe even live there for a few years!


  5. London is so good, I always love going down there!!
    and don't worry about travelling on your own! It will be good and maybe you'll have the chance to meet new people!

    btw since ur travelling, I have posted few tips that u might find helpful dear ;)


  6. Wonderful blog!I´m your new follower! I hope you are following back!

  7. How fabulous! I look forward to the posts! I always enjoy your food porn btw...


  8. lovely photos the food look yummy !



    Elegantesque Blog

  9. Hey Tiffany it's been a while since I visited your blog and have meant to check up on you :) Great to know that you will be touring Europe!So where will you go? Looking forward to reading all about your travels xoxo ES


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