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Hi everyone..I know I am extremely behind on my blog :( Currently I am in Lucerne, Switzerland. If you have been following my Facebook or Twitter updates, so far after London I visited Copenhagen, Prague, and Munich before coming here today. I've been having an amazing time at each city - love all my hotels so far and food in Europe is amazing. Each city has been a completely different experience and I've enjoyed it all. I haven't really had time for blogging lately so apologies if I'm late in replies or comments. If you want to see photos before I post them on here, you can check my Facebook albums

Travelling alone is a lot of fun. I have met a lotttt of people so far (but only traded contact details with a few), especially in Prague. I was there for three nights after Copenhagen & stayed at the Jewel Hotel - I loved this hotel so much. Will do a review on it soon. I somehow met like around 30 people total. Each night was like an adventure, for example one night when the locals brought me to take the subway away from the city center to drink at local bars where nobody spoke English. Eventually I became lost and stranded (for the millionth time on this trip, but it's much scarier when it happens in Prague..) after I decided to escape when they began trying to get me back to their apartment. After wandering around for a bit, I got into a sketchy taxi. I always knew to call a legit taxi company in Prague if I needed one, but that time I had no choice since that was the only taxi around and my phone was blocked from calls. I prepared for a huge fare (or worse), but luckily it wasn't as high as I expected and I safely made it back to the hotel by the end of the night. That was one night in Prague.

After Prague I was supposed to go to Munich. Somehow I missed the bus/train two times and ended up arriving there hours after I originally wanted to. It was such a stressful morning that I'm not even going to try to explain. I was really excited for Munich though. Two years ago I met a friend from Germany when he came to Toronto..and this time we planned to meet up again when I came to Europe. So we spent three days around Munich where I ate a lot of traditional German food in biergartens, saw lots of people in lederhosens, etc. It was actually really nice having some company after travelling alone through all these cities. Even when I met local people it's not really the same. Now by myself in Lucerne it does feel a bit lonely again but I'll get used to it.

I know I've still got some time on this vacation but the days are dwindling down :(

So once again this post is late because I'm so behind on my blog. I'm still on London posts! So here are some photos of Harrods, in particular their food hall; a must-visit for any trip to London.

I picked up a Harrods Rewards card - thanks to my credit card I immediately received the Black Tier one. They had a "welcome gift" of £100 off a £500+ purchase, so I decided to use it on a piece of LV luggage. It surprised me that I was able to use the discount on Louis Vuitton..so far I don't know any other locations where you can get such a discount. The Black Tier card also gives you 10% off all purchases for any two days of the year, plus a bunch of other awesome perks.

Huge shopping bag that I struggled to carry back to my hotel. I got a Damier Azur Keepall - totally needed the additional luggage space for all the souvenirs I've been buying!


  1. Hi, great to read about your travel adventures. If you're planning on travelling to Luxembourg, let me know! Would be glad to show you around. Take good care!

  2. gorgeous imagess.. I am in need of those sweets you have there lol!

  3. sooooo jealous that u can afford all that stuff :(


  4. so fun to read about your adventures! Prague to me seems a bit the place where such things could happen lol
    looking forward to next post and enjoy your time there!! although im sure you totally do! :)

  5. Take care with traveling
    alone! I'm glad Europe
    has delivered you a great
    Hopefully you will be
    visiting Holland as well!
    (my country)

    LV = Love!!

  6. Hey Tiffany it's a lot of fun following your trips. If you are planning to stop by Greece do let me know, will definitely show you arround xoxo ES

  7. Thanks for the comment!
    Those pics are beautiful!
    Totally following you now :)
    Hope to keep in touch!



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