248. London | Snapshots

I am now in Copenhagen - took a 7am flight here from London this morning & haven't really slept last night as I had to be at the airport a few hours early. Anyway before I get even more behind on my blog, I thought I'd do a quick post on London. I'm not even sure how I will be able to choose which pics to post since I took way too many (as always). I'll most likely be making like 5+ blog posts on each city.

A few thoughts:
  • This is my first time travelling alone and I REALLY love it so far. It's great being able to do whatever I want. To be honest at first I didn't know if I would be able to do it, but everything is going smoothly so far and I'm still alive hahah. It's also really easy to meet the locals this way. I didn't expect to stick out so much in London but apparently I do..it seems that most people know I'm foreign so they try to talk to me and ask where I'm from, etc..("are you from Japan? China?" pfftt..)
  • I hate crossing streets in London. It's so confusing with those "look left" and "look right" signals on the ground..sometimes when car stopped I start walking, then they go right away and start honking at me. I'm confused how to tell when the light is about the turn green. I was THIS close to getting run over twice already..sigh. & I also really hate those little bumps that are everywhere on the ground - usually on the curbs and the edge of the Tube platforms. Not high-heel-friendly AT ALL. Actually Copenhagen is a worse "heel-city" but I'll get to that next time..
  • The English accent has now become my favourite once again. omg I could listen to them talk all day. The people are all quite friendly. I try to ask for directions as much as I can just so I can listen to their accent.
  • The Tube is actually a lot of fun to take. Before I left Toronto, taking the Tube was like my biggest worry in London because it looks so confusing. But I tried it and it's SO convenient. I feel I'm a pro with the Tube now - even got the Diamond Jubilee Oyster Card and all..hahaha. Though transportation in London IS ridiculously expensive. I spent about $100 on cabs in 2 days and not even sure how much on the Tube..but I love the cabs so much. The cab drivers are so friendly (for the most part) and it's worth it when I need to get to/from the hotel.
  • I'm starting to get used to eating alone in restaurants, meaning I cringe less and less each time they ask "table for 1?" It's not so bad actually. But until now I haven't been to any formal restaurants yet. By the time I get to Paris I'll hopefully be able to.
  • I think I'm going to move to London someday. It's an awesome city and I understand why a lot of people love it/why they get so many tourists. I don't know what I was thinking before I left when I kept saying how much I'll miss Toronto..I don't ever want to go back!!
  • Lastly, the tourists - I'm pretty sure 90% of the people around on the weekends are tourists. Every time I took the Tube, everyone around me was looking at guidebooks or maps. I hear people speaking foreign languages even more than I hear English.
  • Hotel Costes = the perfect soundtrack to listen to on vacations. I always do whenever I go on my trips - I have it playing nonstop.
  • I like the style of guys here. A lot of them seem to wear bright green pants & dress really preppy! 

Here is where I'm sitting right now as I'm blogging - this is my hotel room in Copenhagen, inspired by the Louis XVI period so I had to book it. The bed is soooo comfortable. Oh yea, & that's the LV Azur keepall I bought yesterday at Harrods :]

I'll post more photos tomorrow so keep checking back!


  1. I admire you for travelling by yourself! I have been wanting to go and live in london for a few months. Everyone is telling me to just go by myself and that it's a great experience doing it that way.

    Xox Soph

  2. Looks like a great trip so far! Stay safe! xoxo

  3. aghhhhh your in london! Loving your pics, all looks very british! Im heading over to canada in less then 2 weeks, cant wait! May have to give your blog a good going over to check up on anything that needs to be added to my to do list whilst im there


  4. ya european men's style is so different from north americans eh? i think so. you can't really see these so-called golf pants and shirts you see here a lot. anyway, boys all look the same here. men i guess not so much but younger guys...
    lovin' these photos and excited to see more!!

  5. LONDON ! MY CITY <33
    Yes of course I'd like to follow each other, I'm following you :))

  6. thank you for sharing so beautiful photos xxx


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