279. Nikki Beach at The Spoke Club for TIFF 2012

400% be@rbrick
First of all, thank you for all the nice comments on my previous entry. I think in my post I sounded more extreme and stressed than I actually was lol..but I have good news.
I love how things seem to always happen at the right moments for me. Life just did a complete 180. Yesterday I just got a new internship that I really really love - at a luxury PR firm! They do luxury lifestyle, travel, real estate, and fashion PR - all industries I love. I hope I'll eventually be able to work there because even though I've been assigned a lot of tasks to do, I still really enjoy it and it doesn't seem like work at all. Plus I can work from home! I'm already planning ahead and thinking of travelling and working at the same time. And as a bonus - my boss is extremely nice :)
Right now I mainly manage all their social media; I update the company blogs and keep their Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr active by posting everything related to the luxury industry. It's exactly what I do everyday anyway (for my personal accounts). It's funny in my previous post I was saying how I felt guilty for not doing anything for months (besides being online all day), now I'm literally doing the exact same but I have a reason to. I'm excited to start on our company's luxury travel blog. You may know I have one already that I've been neglecting (not because I don't like it though) so now I'm glad I "have" to do one. Love the thought of researching luxury hotels and cities everyday.

The other thing I've always wanted was to create a business of my own. After trying to think of a good business idea for months, my friend & I finally have one. Credit goes to him for the idea though. I think it has a great chance of succeeding. We're meeting this weekend to plan it more. Looks like I'm going to be a lot busier from now on, but a good kind of busy....it's nice that I'm feeling super productive for once hahah.

Ah I seem to be writing more and more on my posts these days. Thank you if you read the entire thing. Moving on.

Nikki Beach The Spoke Club
Last night my friend & I went to the Nikki Beach opening night at The Spoke Club !! They come to Toronto every year for our film festival. I've been looking forward to the opening for weeks, since I went to the one last year at the rooftop of Bell Lightbox & had a really fun night.

Nikki Beach Toronto
We arrived at The Spoke Club, they checked us off the guest list and we walked in. Was much less of a hassle than last year. Took the elevator to the top floor to find a huge crowd/line of people waiting to go up to the rooftop patio. A few min of everyone trying to squeeze their way to the front of the line, we found ourselves by the bouncers..I looked and realized one of them worked in my building before. He recognized me as well and let us up.

Nikki Beach for TIFF 2012
Nikki Beach at The Spoke Club
Nikki Beach Toronto
The Spoke Club
The Spoke Club Toronto
I wish they did it at the same venue as last year (the rooftop of Bell Lightbox is by far my favourite in the city). I found The Spoke Club's to be too small and it didn't have a great view. But it wasn't too bad, I really loved the music! Sorry these photos I took were kind of bad. Might try to go again so I'll take better ones next time.

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  1. Hi Tiffany, congratulations - very happy that you got this job! And the description sounds perfect to me. You also sound much more uplifted and energised compared to your previous post. What about the going to sleep at 7 am routine? Will that stay on or change now? Have a lovely weekend. xo


    1. Thanks a lot! lol I know, but I think in my previous post I made the situation sound a little bit worse than it actually was.
      I'm going to try to slowly adjust that..I definitely will be waking up earlier, but not extremely. One of the many perks of working from home :D
      you too!

  2. HUGE congrats on the amazing internship and new business venture! Things are looking up for you indeed, good luck!

    Have a great weekend lovely, if you have time I would love for you to enter my current giveaway and win yourself a fab necklace and earring set from Angelique worth $90!
    Win a glam necklace + earring set by Angelique! Enter NOW

    1. thank you so much! I'll check it out!

  3. Congrats to you, thats so amazing... So many adventures you have going, good luck on all...


  4. Congrats!!! i'm so happy for you!! that definitely sounds like a very fun and exciting internship!! best wishes for all! :D and i love the pics from the spoke club!! missing Toronto!! :D

    happy weekend!

  5. Great photos! I'd love it if you could check out my blog, it'd mean a lot.

    Xaimarys ♡

  6. amazing!! lovethat tif! i so need to go to a jap restaurant!


  7. I wish you the best
    of luck and victory
    with your business c:
    (I love that Bearbrick!)


  8. Congrats congrats congrats!!!!! I'm so so so happy for you to have landed that internship and that your business is on it's way now! I'm so curious (and nosey hahaha) to see what it is, I'm sure it'll do well with you managing it =) I'm afraid I'll have to stay away from luxury travel blogs because it'll make me drool excessively and then sad that I can't afford to even think about going (for now mwahahahaha).

    I'm so glad to hear you've been doing well and I hope you keep positive!

    1. thank you!! lol I'm always very superstitious..I'm not going to reveal what it is yet until we become somewhat successful.
      ahh I know..& even for me, I have to search for those photos everyday now hahah

  9. Congrats! Good luck!
    Hope you have a great weekend.


  10. I don't know how was the last edition but this one looks pretty cool!! ;)


  11. Congrats on the amazing internship Tiffany! You fit it perfectly! As for the party, a friend told me about it but I wasn't interested in going - it looks like I missed out! I'll have to catch it next year. ;)

  12. Congratulations Tiffani, looks like you're going to be a lot busier from now on, definitively....it's nice that you're feeling so good!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my previous posting!
    If you go through my site, you will find my new post, I hope you enjoy it!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    Big hugs!


  13. Congrast Tiff!!!! see, I told you, life always find it way!!!! I wish you all the best and wish you can do what you love later....just remember work hard and never give up:)))

    and ah!!! Nice photos!!...we have Nikki beach club in NYC and it's one of my favorite club too!! Neat time when you visit me:P.I will take you there!!! Oh wait, maybe you should take me;)

    Have a great weekend sweetheart:)


    1. thanks Tammy!!
      hahah I didn't know NYC has Nikki Beach...yes we will go for sure next time I'm there! ;]

  14. Beautiful pictures! Seems like you had a great time! :D

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  15. thanks Jen!! good luck in school!

  16. Tiffany congratulations, you deserve that internship enjoy the new position looks like is made for you, and tell us about the great places and your new business as soon as is done.
    Best luck!!

  17. I've never been to Nikki beach, but it's def on my to do list! Looks/sounds like fun! xoxo

  18. congrats!
    nice pics!
    GIVEAWAY on my blog!
    check it out!

  19. Nice! Life changes fast! I'm very happy for you :)



  20. I am very happy to read that things are going well for you. Congrats on your internship!!! Lovely photos!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  21. congrats on the new internship! that sounds exciting.

  22. Beautiful place and congrats xx


  23. Such a gorgeous view. Congrats! :) Loved these pics.

    I would love for you to stop by and check out my pictures from my first Fashion Week.

  24. Amazing place and views!! i´m sure that you had fun!

  25. I'm so happy to read that - that sounds so interesting! I'd love to do that myself. it was nice to see some pictures of Spoke club. It used to be one of my favorite places to go for dinner or just for drinks. The people were always nice and waiters really cute :) Now i haven't been there for a few years. I was there last about three years ago, so a lot may have changed. And yes, the view pretty much sucks but for some reason it's still very pleasant to sit on the patio and enjoy the evening :)

    1. thanks!
      were you a member there? it seems like a cool place to hang out..that was my first time there!


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