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Tom Ford Ad Blackberry
Like my new Blackberry background? I've had the Nicholas Hoult/Tom Ford ad on there for the longest time..so thought it was time I switched to a new image, which is once again a Tom Ford ad (for Neroli Portofino fragrance). A little bit NSFW?
Anyway sorry I haven't been posting a lot these days - been so busy!! Here is a quick random picspam before I run out for dinner.

Neroli Portofino Tom Ford
Drenched myself in Neroli Portofino..I love the bottle!

Troika Toronto vodka boutique
Discovered a brand new vodka bar down the street - Troika!

Troika Toronto drinks menu
Troika cocktail
Troika Toronto
I like their decor/ambiance, but Pravda is still my favourite spot..

Christmas trees Toronto
1 King West Toronto fireplace lobby
Doing some work in my lobby by the fireplace

wine at Canoe O&B
2nd (or 3rd?) time in a week..Canoe!

Canoe Toronto
We ended up being the last ones here (seems that always happens with me..)

Canoe Toronto
view at Canoe Toronto
Canoe view
The perfect view while sipping on my Late Harvest wine

American Apparel nail polish
My AA nail polish collection..I am now on a ban to buy more until I finish these

American Apparel nail polish blues
Think I've got the full range of blues!

Lakeview is one of our many 24-hr diners. I am a huge poutine lover so imagine my excitement when presented with all these choices....I decided to go for the pulled pork one (first time in my life trying pulled pork) I LOVED it!! My favourite poutine in the city so far! I also got a side of (slightly disgusting looking) breakfast sausages.

pulled pork poutine Lakeview Toronto
Harbour Sixty Toronto
pumpkin soup
Had dinner (pumpkin soup!) with my dad yesterday before watching Skyfall once again.

Then I finally downloaded all my Christmas songs onto my iPod & went on a nice midnight stroll around the city with my dog. I can't believe it's already December..it definitely does not feel like it. I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit now but I'm not fully prepared for it yet...



  1. I absolutely love the Tom Ford neroli portofino's bottle too! shame it's about £100 for it :(

    lovely pics btw hun!


    1. I know, and that's only the smallest bottle! :( I love the huge decanter..about $500 lol

    2. How does the Tom Ford perfume smells? Curious.

      Say happy birthday to my blog:THE MILANO MODE

      Comment on my new post: DIORific

    3. it smells like the Mediterranean sea..

  2. Tiffany, I learn so much from you about the hippest Bars around our city. Troika looks so cool! I haven't been to Nathan Phillips Square lately. Looks very Christmas around there now. The Tom Ford Neroli Portofino must smell so good. Tom Ford is so classy and talented!

  3. I love your blog, is so so faancy :)



  4. I see that you've been up to many exciting things. I like the food pics and the view from Canoe! Your nail polish collection would last me for years. xo


  5. ahahahhaha..!! I knew it! There will be some food involve!!!! STOP!! I am hungry!! The food and drink and place you went are too nice!!!!! I need to join you some days later:)


    1. hahaha I know..posting wayyyy too much food these days ;)

  6. I love Neroli Portofino, I need to buy it soon! Love your night time photos too.

    Luxx Mint

  7. I absolutely love Christmas Time!
    Beautiful photos Tiffany!
    What about following each other also on Facebook and Bloglovin??


  8. These images are fabulous.

  9. Whenever I visit there I must visit there! Such a cool place!


    P.S. Feel Free to enter my contest to win a free clarisonic mia!!! http://www.cmichellestyles.com/?p=7376

  10. NSFW ads and photos always pop up on my phone when I check my tumblr in public spaces, I know the chances of other people actually seeing it is low but I can't help but slowly do the pull phone close to my body thing. Whooooaaa that's a lot of AA polishes! I want to try at least one now because you have so many which must mean they are good right? Lol I think as we grow older we sometimes have a hit or miss with the holiday spirit, for me I either feel it a lot or I don't feel it at all. This year is a bit confusing probably because I'm too focused on school right now.

    P.S I think that's so cute you watch movies with your dad!

    1. hahah I find that NSFW gets more clicks all the time..especially when its hashtagged on Twitter.
      AA polishes are great! they're not too expensive and the quality is good/doesn't chip/easy to take off
      that's the perfect way to describe it..in recent years its always been a miss for me since I'm always so busy this time of year :s
      lol we go quite often

  11. Fab snapshots as always girl! The Xmas trees are so super! xxx


  12. amazing photographs and love your blog!

    if you have a chance, please visit my blog. i think you'll like my outfits!


  13. oooh troika looks pretty cool all blue :) haha but you're committed to your beloved Pravda.
    Christmas decor is everywhere atm. And the lights in canada look so pretty ! Im never prepared for x-mas o dont celebrate it so its just another day but the decor and the christmas carols always flood the supermarkets and malls.
    The soup looks yum i wish australia werent so friggen hot
    i miss winter!!


    1. ummm I'll trade you our winter for your summer!!


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