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Christmas nutcracker
Another random photos post to sum up what's been happening these days..it's been a busy week (as usual). A whirlwind of hotel lounges, dinners, luncheon, (semi-business related) meetings, a Christmas party, Christmas market, Pravda, workworkwork and....planning for my upcoming trip!!!!

I'm so excited - I've decided to spend New Years Eve in New York City!! Will be there for about 5 days. Part work, part play. Ok, the "work" part is just going to be me staying at cool hotels (& restaurants) so I can review it on this blog (& for an upcoming travel website I'm working on). I love when my work gives me ample excuses to travel. Haven't had much time to research and book which ones yet, but will do that soon.

And the "play" part..well that's pretty self-explanatory. I don't think I've ever spent a new year's away from Toronto before, so which better place to spend it than one of the top new years destinations in the world? Not to mention the abundance of luxury hotels there which I am obviously excited for. I have to admit this trip was pretty spontaneously booked. I was walking by a Flight Centre the other day when I saw they were advertising flight prices to NYC and I thought "why not?"

Pravda Toronto vodka bar
Pravda last night. A lot of fun & made me even more excited for NYE in NYC because I know it will be 10x better. But hopefully I will survive..as I barely survived last night lol.

Christmas tree Commerce Court Toronto
Courtyard behind my building

Maison Mercer Toronto
Fashionably early to the annual itravel2000 holiday party at Maison!

itravel2000 Christmas party Maison 2012
Then it started filling up..

Maison Mercer food itravel2000
Lots and lots of delicious food! Buffet style inside the club

Maison Merceer
Had about 8-10 vodka crans?

Leftbanked condo
Home. Lounged on the hallway for a bit..lol

Leftbanked outfit
My outfit

Weslodge taxidermy
My friend from NYC was in town for business last week..we went to Weslodge for dinner. I've wanted to come to this place for the longest time. It's in the style of a modern saloon..pretty cool and unique decor in there, including lots of taxidermied animals. I'm going to post a full review on this place in a later post.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto CN Tower gingerbread
After that we went for drinks at the Ritz-Carlton Deq bar ("omg! Gingerbread CN Tower!!")

gingerbread CN Tower Ritz-Carlton
gingerbread Ritz-Carlton
Deq bar Ritz-Carlton
Cozy little area at Deq

cocktails drinks at Deq
My friend decided to order the girliest cocktail on the menu called "Flowers for my Sister". It came with rosebuds which he asked them to put extra in. The bartender told us the rosebuds were edible so we popped one each in our mouths..ended up being the most disgusting/bitter things we've ever tasted. My drink was delicious though - called The Royal Gala (Calvados, Butterscotch Ripple Schnapps, chai tea and cinnamon syrup, citrus, fresh apple juice), it tasted like cinnamon apple cider.

Ritz-Carlton Deq washroom
Still at the Ritz..I can never resist a nice washroom shot!

STOCK Trump Hotel
If it's not obvious enough, I love hotel bars. Came to STOCK restaurant at the Trump Hotel on another night.

View from their patio. PS - check the last photo of this post - does that tree look familiar?

Trump Hotel Toronto ballroom
After that we went around exploring the ballrooms a bit (I love exploring hotels). The Trump's interior furnishings are so luxurious and gorgeous..I love the cream & black palette.

Trump Toronto

My blog is so sparsely updated these days :( Every time I make a new post I think to myself that I'm just going to start updating every day, or at least every other day, since I have so much yet to post. But I never do it. Hopefully I will this upcoming week..not too much on my schedule yet besides work and trip planning!

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  1. Lucky girl! I love the Ritz hotel here in Milan, had a great stay there last summer :) Can't wait to see your pics from NYC.
    Kristina recently posted.. BaByliss Giveaway!.

  2. Hi! :) Glam pictures as always! :) Have a great week ahead! XX

  3. Nice pics!!! Love your dog and your shoes!!!

  4. Love your photos as always! Living the life! It reminds me that I don't go out enough anymore and should do more. Great that you get to go to NYC for NYE. That's a dream for me and I hope I can make it one day. Regarding my LV passport holder personalisation - still thinking about this one ;)

    1. I'll gladly switch places with you this new years..wish I was in Paris!!

    2. Believe me, if we could, I'd gladly swap! Let's simply pretend that we're living each other's parallel lives this New Year's Eve.

  5. These events are so much fun! I always enjoy your reviews. Wow, new Year's in NYC,. Enjoy!

  6. looks like christmas
    LIKE so much dear

    x the cookies

  7. I so wanna come!!!!! U should invite me to join u after I am done with travelling!!!! Look like so much fun and I love your dress!!!

    kisses and hugs:)

    1. lol you are welcome to come..you should invite me to Africa next time too!! ;)

  8. The Nutcracker, the lights, the shoes, the cocktails, your dog... love your celebration mood!


  9. Your pics are gorgeous. Looks like you are having an awesome time!!


  10. hey you!! :) thank you for your lovely comment for Kin! i've not been updating my blog too often.. but i check your blog all the time as soon as i saw the update on bloglovin'!! You know i adore your blog and the photos rite? :D it's finally starting to feel like winter here in L.A!! I was actually able to take some real autumn like photos few days ago... I still miss the snow and the breezy air of Toronto though.. :)

  11. Cool pictures

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  12. Your dog is so cute

    New post on :


  13. How are there not little bite marks in that gingerbread tower?! :-)

    1. lol actually my friend broke a little piece off to try after I snapped the shot =P

  14. omg the gingerbread skyscraper is amazing ahha! love itttt so much


  15. That's so cool that you are going to NY for the holidays xoxo ES

  16. NYE in NYC! Ahhhhhhhh so, so, so super jeally of you! You are going to have the most amazing time ever! Wish I could spend my NYE there :o(


  17. Nice pics!


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  18. so gorgeous and very Christmassy! xx

    I'm having a giveaway, I think you might like it!

  19. Looks like you definitely know how to party in style. By the way, that gingerbread house looks kinda tasty!

  20. Love love love the first photo! It's so Christmassy but glam at the same time~ Wow NYC! I can't wait to see photos of your trip soon since I know you're going to be staying at balling places lol Wow that is one huge gingerbread tower! Do they actually eat it afterwards but I guess not because it'd be all dusty lol I wanted to review a museum on my school campus that had taxidermy animals and I was too scared to go down that isle cause there was like a dozen huge deer heads staring at me Oo

    Hope you're doing well and are enjoying the holidays! I also received your card!!! Thanks so much! I hope mines comes in time ><

    1. hahah no..I'm spending a lot of money for shopping and other stuff so needed to cut down my hotel budget a bit :(
      yea I highly doubt anyone will try to eat it..probably super stale and I can't imagine how many people have touched it hahah (my friend broke a piece off to try)


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