302. dbar + ONE

Four Seasons Toronto lobby
This post is WAY overdue. A few months ago (October), the new Four Seasons hotel opened here in Toronto. My friend & I dropped by that week on a rainy Sunday night to try dbar, by the famous chef Daniel Boulud.

Four Seasons Toronto dbar
Four Seasons Toronto dining
Cafe Boulud Toronto
This is the main restaurant upstairs, Cafe Boulud

& this is dbar, the lobby lounge

dbar steak
dbar drink
I forgot what this drink was called..it tasted literally like liquid cake

dbar Daniel Boulud Four Seasons Toronto
washroom Four Seasons Toronto
The washroom

The Hazelton Hotel entrance Toronto
After that, we headed over to the The Hazelton Hotel / ONE Restaurant for drinks.

Hazelton hotel lobby
ONE Restaurant Toronto
ONE Toronto
washroom at ONE Toronto
Have you noticed I like taking washroom shots?

strawberry champagne ONE
Strawberry champagne cocktail. It was nice and relaxing evening, I totally recommend going out on Sunday nights!

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  1. dbar looks like such a cosy place! I'd love to try the liquid cake. xo

  2. mmmmm! those french fries look so tasty! xxx


  3. Love your shots!!! And the champagne drink ;) xoxo ES

  4. OMG great pics babe!!! LOVE them Thanks for stopping by:)


  5. I better visit the Four Seasons Hotel soon! Looks so elegant. The food and drinks seems delicious!

  6. so classy!and the food looks delicious!

  7. awesome, it looks amazing there


  8. Looks like an awesome restaurant! I also can't believe you can still have room to have drinks and bar food after dinner, usually I need to lay down LOL Wow liquid cake? No wonder you needed water to go with it but I believe it would have been heaven, my bf would love it, he has the biggest sweet tooth! Who can resist a nice bathroom shot? For some reason I also regard washrooms as a really important part of an establishment, just like a lobby for a hotel. I mean can you imagine a upscale restaurant with a horrendos bathroom or how ironic would it be if a bubble tea cafe had a decked out bathroom hahahaha maybe you can incorporate bathroom reviews too LOL towels or paper towels? Was there lotion and hair spray? Mouth wash or hand cream?

    re:I was confused when you said you tried looking for something in LCBO but they were sold out lol and yes, it was really hot in Vietnam, so lucky he got to go back but even if I went with him I'd probably get food poisoning or something since my tummy is pretty weak, bah!

    1. hahah bathroom reviews..that's an interesting idea - sometimes I actually avoid returning to a place when I know they have horrible dirty washrooms!!

  9. Seems to be an awesome place. WOuld like to have a brunch there!



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