305. Equestria | OFF TO NYC!

Christian Louboutin Equestria boots
Words cannot express how much I LOVE and WANT these boots!!! I saw them months ago and fell in love immediately. I found them here last weekend and tried them on..did not want to take them off! The sales associate persuaded me to put them on hold until next week. I want them so badly but can't afford them yet :( Especially since I'm heading off to NYC tomorrow and want to do another Europe trip this year I need to save..ugh. I'll get them eventually. Can't remember the last time I've wanted something so badly.

So this is my final post before I head off to New York. I'll be updating frequently when I'm there so keep checking back!! (well I said this last time when I went to Europe and still, 6 months later, I'm still posting the photos hahah. But let's hope I actually do it this time.)

Hope you all have an amazing New Year's & all the best for 2013!!!!

Christian Louboutin fringed boots
Love these fringed ones as well.

Charbonnel & Walker truffles
tea forte
Commerce Court Toronto

Commerce Court Toronto snow

Casa Loma
Bearbrick fruit cup
Paris vs New York book
James Bond Skyfall martinis Luma O&B
Fairmont Royal York Toronto Christmas
Went for dinner by myself at the Royal York's Library Bar earlier this week. There was a snowstorm and I wanted to go somewhere accessible by the indoor PATH (that my building is connected to) so I headed to the Royal York. I love the Christmas season there. So cozy, especially in the middle of a raging snowstorm. I rarely (almost never) dine alone when I'm in Toronto but it was actually kind of nice. I should do it more often.

Christmas Market Distillery
Distillery Christmas Market Toronto
Gluhwein at the Christmas Market!!

O&B Luncheon Arcadian Court
O&B Luncheon
Lunch at Arcadian Court (by Oliver & Bonacini)

The Thinker AGO
At the art gallery with my dad & sister

Evan Penny AGO
We saw this really cool exhibit by Evan Penny. Extremely realistic human sculptures!

Evan Penny naked man
hahah ;]

Evan Penny
Evan Penny
Evan Penny AGO
Evan Penny AGO

Goodbye Toronto, see you next year! Now I'm off to finish packing. Just realized I still have some stuff in my suitcase left from my Europe trip (I DETEST unpacking)



  1. Those Louboutin boots are gorgeous and unforgettable. The naked exhibit at the AGO must be fun to see. Enjoy your NYC trip! That's quite an experience. I know how you feel about posting some more pictures from your Europe trip. I still have lots to share too from my London trip alone. Happy New Year!

    1. I really can't get them out of my mind!! I need them.
      Go see the AGO exhibit - it's really cool :D
      Happy New Year!

  2. Have fun on your trip! That picture of the guy in front of the art piece is hilarious!
    I'm sure you'll find a way to get the booties :)


  3. Hi there - been following your blog for awhile (a fellow Torontonian here!)

    Just wondering where you found the Louboutin booties - were they at Holt's or elsewhere? They're spectacular. Thx.

    1. they're from The Room
      I hope you don't buy mine!! lol there's only one left in my size.. :s

    2. Unless you wear a gargantuan size 9.5 I think that you're safe!

      Have a great time in NYC.

  4. I don't blame you, I would so love those! Gorgeous in every way~
    & no worries~ they'll be yours soon ^,,^

    What an interesting gallery. Looks so real!

    Have a safe trip in NYC~ <3


    1. thanks, I hope so!
      have a great new year!

  5. Hahha I got the same book as well ! the exhibit is funny !

    Elegantesque Blog

  6. Have a fabulous New Year in New York! Can't wait to read all about your trip xoxo ES

  7. Great pics as always. I agree, these boots are to die for! Hope that they will be yours eventually.

    Wishing you a fun time in NYC. I'd love to be there tonight... Have a good one and can't wait to read about it all when you're back. xo


    1. thanks, I hope so too!
      Hope you have fun in Paris!!! too bad we can't switch places. Looking forward to reading about your trip as well :D

  8. WOW the exhibition looks cool!!! Have a blast in NYC and HAPPY new year for you dear! xx


  9. That is some killer shoes, stunning!! Hope you'll have the best time in NYC and wishing you a Happy New Year 2013, make the best out of it! :)


  10. Yes the boots are amazing! Love the tasselled ones too! You have to get them one day, so nice!

    Have a great time in NYC
    Hope you have a very happy new year!

    Amelia @ Ducklingtoswan.com! :) xxx

  11. Those boots are fabulous...but I'm a total sucker for Louboutin ;)
    Hope you get your hands on those babies one day soon!!

  12. Maybe you can get the boots in NYC or Europe! What a nice "sounviner" it would be hahaha but yes, they will be yours soon, they are so gorgeous! It's okay I know how you feel cause I'm in a similar boat~ Can't buy the prada bag I want because I need to save for a trip in Spring T_T and maybe a small one before hand OH but the bag is soooo nice *wipes drool off face* I'm glad you like your christmas card! I tried to find one that was "Tiffany" LOL and not too cutesy =P

    Have a great time in NYC and I can't wait to see your posts about it!

    P.S The bf and I were planning a little getaway to California but he wants to go to nyc too now!

  13. Have an amazing time in NYC! Super jeally and seriously LOL at that second sculpture image! Lined up so perfectly hehehe!

    Happy New Year!

  14. I am loving these photos! jealous that you're going to NY!

    Glad to have stumbled on your Adorable blog. Hope you can share the love back by visiting my blog.

    Much love from YYC~

  15. Totally understand why you wanted them the boots sooo badly. They look rad. Have a great time in NY and happy 2013!!!



  16. the pics are amazing! love the boots..btw I absolutely cannot wait to see ur NYC pictures <3

    please upload soon my dear


  17. Wowwww shoes!!!! Happy new year girl! xxx


  18. Whoa those shoeees!! Amazing. You have a great blog! x

  19. lovely blog!!! amazing giveaway on my blog http://comeduegoccedacqua.blogspot.it/2013/01/giveaway-sissi-hand.html kiss

  20. Those boots are incredible. Love this post and that awesome exhibit! Hope you are having fun in NY! ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine


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