308. NYC Part 3 | Raines Law Room, MoMA, The Palace

NYC at night Empire State Building
Here is another random mix of photos from my trip to NYC. I'm really trying hard to get them all posted before I go there again..& looking back on these photos makes me wish I could be there again RIGHT NOW.

Flatiron building NYC
Raines Law Room New Year's Eve 2013
My New Yorker friend & I spent most of our New Year's Eve at Raines Law Room. It's a prohibition style speakeasy lounge; very dark and intimate. There's couches all around with a bell beside each to press when you want a server to come over. I liked it a lot there..will definitely return!
So for new year's eve they had a special tasting menu of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Caviar, smoked salmon, lobster rolls, burrata cheese, foie gras, spiced duck and vodka pearls!
It was so dark in there most of my photos didn't come out that well:

Raines Law Room
Raines Law Room caviar
Raines Law Room cocktails
The cocktails. My favourite (& probably the only one I was able to handle) was the champagne cobbler.

Christmas in New York
Christmas hotel lobby
MoMA painting
Some photos from the MoMA...

Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol MoMA
art at the MoMA
MoMA coca cola bottle mouth
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Five Prostitutes at the MoMA
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso

Henri Rousseau Garden of Eden MoMA
Garden of Eden by Henri Rousseau. Pleasantly surprised to find this here..I remember researching about this for an essay back in high school. I recognized a lot of famous paintings at the MoMA..will post the rest in my next post.

New York Palace Hotel
After the first nights at The Standard I then spent my final night at The New York Palace, which I first heard of thanks to Gossip Girl (the home of Chuck Bass and the Van der Woodsens). They are currently doing a lot of renovations to the exterior so unfortunately I wasn't able to see much of the entrance and courtyard.

Madison Room NY Palace
For the first meal I had to spend alone on this trip, I went to the hotel's restaurant called Madison Room.

Madison Room NY Palace Michelin Stars
I wasn't even aware when I was eating but afterwards my friend told me this restaurant apparently has 2 Michelin Stars?!
I had my laptop with me attempting to do some work. Probably a bit out of place there hahah. I had a soup, chicken salad as a main and a LOT of ice cream for dessert. The overall meal did not taste 2-Michelin-Starry though. The service here was a bit too good - the servers kept coming up to me like every five minutes asking if everything was fine.

Madison Room chicken salad
Madison Room

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  1. yum salad looks good but I agree about the service - too good is too good. it drives me crazy when somebody keeps coming and asking if I'm fine or if if need something else. I mean good service is good but every 10 minutes is way too much... that bar you went to looks so cool and the new years eve menu... sounds heavenly to me! champagne cobbler cocktail would probably have been my favorite too

    1. yea exactly, & usually when I'm dining alone I would prefer to be left alone lol.

  2. Wonderful photos! I love NY so much. I'm thinking of going there this year and maybe combine it with Washington DC where I haven't been yet. Can't wait to see more photos.

    1. When are you thinking of going?
      I've been to DC once and would love to go again as well..don't remember much from the first time I went!

  3. Amazing place! You've made very nice photos!

    Sun and Sany

  4. NY is my dream city!
    maybe you would like to follow each other?


  5. Can't wait to visit NYC! You had such a great time there and what a nice experience must have been! :)
    Kristina recently posted.. On the search...

  6. waw your trip looked so cool !

  7. I also want to go back to New York! I guess we all learned a few things from Gossip Girl.Great pics xoxo ES

  8. That's why I'm never tired of NY, once you go there the first time you can forget about and keep going and going, favourite city ever.
    That pic of the Palace remembers me Serena on the golden dress with Dan on a ball, how cute!!
    I'm back Tiffany, I hope you had a great Christmas!

    1. thank you, hope you had a wonderful Christmas/New Year's too! x

  9. These photos are making me wish I was there too, especially at the time of year you went, with all that gorgeous Christmas decor covering the entire city, must have been an amazing sight!


    1. yea it was great to go during that time of year! I need to travel more during the holiday season!

  10. wow the moma pics are great, love them so much!!

    NYC is amazing, thanks for sharing the experience babe


  11. I want the red lips on my wall!!!!!!



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