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ninja matryoshkas armand de brignac ace of spades cristal champagne Leftbanked outfit union jack Burberry trenchcoat
Taking a small break from my NYC trip posts. I have gotten completely & utterly addicted to Instagram. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and upgraded my phone plan as well to get 6x more data than I had before. My dad just showed me my most recent cell phone bill..my phone plan costs literally 4x more than his (of course he doesn't use data) thanks to my Instagram-ing all day. =\ Anyway. If you follow me you'll most likely have seen these photos already. & If you don't follow me, you should.

Bearbrick Crystal Head Vodka Cristal Toronto Ki Toronto
My windowsill (you've probably seen this a million times already) + one of my favourite bars, Ki !

Pomeranian Christian Dior cosmetics perfume
My dog wants to play + my favourite cosmetics brand - Dior

WedLuxe Wedding Show Royal York Hotel Toronto Holt Renfrew Tiffany & Co
WedLuxe wedding show (checked it out for work purposes) - it felt so weird being asked "so when's your wedding?" by all the exhibitors + post-Christmas Christmas gifts

Pomeranian puppy Burberry trenchcoat Louis Vuitton alma bag Leftbanked outfit
What I see when I wake up + my outfit

Allan Lambert Galleria Brookfield Place view of Toronto Leftbanked
My favourite building/where I go for late night walks, Brookfield Place + my view


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  1. great pictures!
    I'm so envious of your awesome view!

  2. This can't be happening! I think it's the second time in a row I loose my comment! Now blogger threw me some sort of error! Ugh! Anyway, what I wanted to say was that Instagram is so addictive - I totally feel you! And I keep checking my phone bill to see if my current plan is suitable for all the data I'm using - just to avoid future surprises... I just upgraded my phone to iPhone, until that I used iPad for Instagram, so I wasn't updating and checking my Instagram THAT often - what an addictive app, I tell you!

    1. lol..I always make sure I copy what I wrote before I post it because that's happened to me a few times before too =\
      yea it's way too addictive..at the rate I'm going now with my data I'm going to go over my limit! ahh

  3. awwww your dog is so cute <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  4. Wonderful photos Tiffany. Isn't Instagram fun? Your dog is so cute!

  5. You have such a fun feed! I LOVE Instagram too. I'm seriously addicted. Even If I'm not posting! haha...

  6. great photos! Love being your instagram follower!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. I love your pics!;) such a great ideas ;)
    I wish you good luck!! ;);)

  8. Omg 4x?! LOL My parents would *kill* me, actually something similar happened to me in high school but with minutes and not data. I was really lucky when I went to add data onto my plans because they were having a special, 6GB for price of 1GB! So my phone is almost always running on data and not wifi lol wifi also drains my batteries =( I'd follow you if I had instagram but I don't =P

    Yes, I want to play with dog ( I think I say something every time about your doggie, it might be time for me to get an addition to the family) What did you get for Christmas? Kekekeke That event looks fun! I always wondered how they went haha I think Vancouver is having our "naught but nice taboo sex show" right now, seems fun!

    Oh for my family trip we might be going to Tokyo (it was my parents idea, I voted for Peru or Turkey) and it will be just my siblings and I, it isn't in concrete yet though.

    P.S How come your blog is named Leftbanked?

    1. lol my dad's phone plan is the cheapest though..I need to try next month to use less data if I can =\ wow that's great! wish I had that much data..I only have 3GB now

      you should get a dog!! I can totally picture you with one.
      I mostly just asked for money for Christmas..& I got my trenchcoat which was part of it

      ohh how fun!! I wish I can go there again too. Turkey would be amazing as well..I really want to visit Istanbul sometime.

      The "Left Bank" = the Left Bank (of the Seine) of Paris

  9. Great pics! I love Instagram too!


  10. Amazing pictures!!, i'm in love with instagram !

  11. these pics are lovely! I'm not into instragram yet though :) And the S3 is so genius!
    Lali pops of colour

  12. haha u lucky girl,

    I'm so jealous of your crazy shopping trips hahaha

    love dior


  13. Those matroeska's on the top in ninja outfit are amazing! My mom collects them, curious where you saw them?


    p.s. I'm following you on Bloglovin now!

    1. I collect them too! I forgot the brand but I found them on eBay before..

  14. yay on new phone haha cos its the same one i have too! Isnt it amazing?
    Your dog is the cutest thing i wish my dog were as cute haha my dog is so spazz.
    Loving the new trench coats (relating to your older posts) Theyre so sleek and sophisticated looks so classy on you :D


  15. J' adore instagram!!! ;-)


  16. Love your photos, I've only got an iPhone recently so am addicted too! Following of course!

    Luxx Mint


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