306. NYC Part 1 | New Year's in New York

Raines Law Room New Year's 2013
I'm back from NYC (unfortunately)! I don't know why I said I'd be "updating frequently" when I was there..sorry for being so MIA. I had such an amazing time, and loved it a lot more than I thought I would so I literally had no time to blog. I am already planning my next trip back there (the couple hours I had waiting for my flight home was spent researching flights for next month). I've been to NYC a few times before but this was the first time I actually enjoyed it (thank you to my personal tour guide). But as expected, I did not have nearly enough time there to do everything I wanted..now I'm kind of torn between a trip back there next or to Europe again like I originally wanted this year. Think I might end up doing both and sacrificing those Louboutins.....

Anyway I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's. I have hundreds of photos so here is the first batch - just a random mix of the trip from beginning to end. I will post the rest very soon plus interesting stories..so keep checking back!!

white decor deer head
Pastis New Year's Eve 2013 gold balloon LV Alma
NYC cobblestone Meatpacking
Phantom of the Opera Majestic Theatre Broadway
Phantom of the Opera on Broadway..absolutely stunning show.

Russian Tea Room NYC
Russian Tea Room post-theatre dinner.

giant nutcrackers
I love nutcrackers.

Christmas in NYC
Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree
Rockefeller Centre's Christmas Tree..sad it wasn't lit up when I went.

Grand Central Station NYC
Grand Central Station

Grand Central New York
Times Square New Year's Day
Deserted Times Square.

The Standard High Line lobby
The Standard High Line - LOVED IT! Great staff, stylish guests, floor to ceiling windows, & best bathrobes I've ever worn.

Black Water
BLK Water
view from The Standard
View from the room.

Art at the MoMA
At the MoMA - awesome museum. I loved how everything was displayed here..totally my type of art. I recognized a lot of pieces here from studying them in art classes before. Will post the rest in my upcoming posts, including what I mostly came for - The Scream!

Jackson Pollock MoMA
Jackson Pollock

Van Gogh
Van Gogh Starry Night.

The whale at the Museum of Natural History!!! Got way too excited about this. I wanted to see this so badly..unfortunately we had very little time to stay at this museum but I will definitely come back next time.

Central Park lake skyline
Central Park

Top of the Standard
Top of the Standard aka Boom Boom Room!! So far my favourite bar in the city. This place is extremely chic.

STK drinks Meatpacking
plane view over NYC
Goodbye NYC :(

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  1. Great photos! Love MoMA and the Natural History Museum too. And I definitely want to stop by at the Russian Tea Room next time I'm visiting. Hope that there will be more pics. xo


  2. Stunning photos !

    happy new year

    Elegantesque Blog

  3. Hey babes welcome back! I know the feeling of wanting to go back! I also watched the Phantom of the Opera and went to the Russian Tea room. Did you like it? xoxo ES

  4. wow! looking forward to seeing the rest! it was exactly a year ago today when I sat on an airplane from Toronto to NY, so I'm being kind of nostalgic. really fell in love with the city and cannot wait to go back! I've heard about that black water but have never seen it anywhere - how does it taste? does it have some sort of weird taste or is it just as plain water only black?

    1. it tastes like normal water actually! at first I was a bit weirded out by the colour but I had to get some photos of it lol

  5. fantastic pictures. i love jackson pollock.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  6. Wow so jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time! SO want to go to NY this year


  7. Amazing pictures! Kisses

    Check my new post

  8. Looks so much fun Tiffany. I would definitely like to visit MOMA , The Natural History Museum and The Standard Hotel including the Bar. NYC is always fun to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow looks like a fantastic trip so far! OMG! Natural history! I love those museums after going to the one in HK, I was blown away and want to visit lots of them now, I didn't get to visit anything similar in Paris though, too busy with the Lourve lol I really enjoy reading your posts because even if I did go to NYC I would be going to totally different places so when I read your blog it's almost like a whole new place! I noticed this after reading your Paris posts =) I think it's great that the city puts in so much effort to add the Christmas decorations!

    Did the dark mineral water taste like...water? Hahahaha I had to ask =P Oh and did you visit the Guggenheim on your trip?

    1. I didn't know HK had one..
      lol yea I love when we post about the same places! when I read your posts it makes me feel like I experienced the same places as well
      yea it tasted like normal water. & no..ran out of time (as usual) :(

    2. Aww that's alright, it's what the trip next month is for right? kekeke Yeah they have a similar museum in hk but it's not an official "natural museum" but pretty similar, in fact I didn't even wanna go in that time but decided to because they had a exhibition of ancient scholars etc. LOL and it was cheap as heck to get in =P It also looks really boring outside but once you're inside it's like being transported, the bf loves these things now hahaha I imagined the mineral water to have a salty taste hahaha =P

  10. STUNNING pics, I love them. and I'm so jealous that u went to see the Phantom. I'm so booking tickets for the show in London <3 cannot wait.

    have u been to the national history museum in london?

    1. no I haven't..I really wish I had though!! I definitely will next time. Also wanna check out the Tate Modern

  11. forgot to mention ... the cake looks unreal


    1. I'm not sure what cake you're referring to..

  12. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos of New York. I've never been there, but hope to some day. Looks like you had a great time :)


  13. Amazing photos. I really miss New York now. Can't wait for more photos!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  14. New Years in New York sounds amazing!

  15. I was in New York just before Christmas
    Your photos made me miss it so much x


  16. Quite envious you spend New Years in the gorgeous NYC!!
    Ive missed popping by your blog and admiring the gorgeous photos!

    Hope you have recovered from all the crazy new year festivities


    1. thanks! I'm so behind on your blog as well! :( hope you had a great new years!


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