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Copenhagen Nyhavn Denmark
It's been forever since I last made a post from my Europe trip (from last May/June 2012)..I have exactly 20 more coming lol. Yes, I already pre-made all the posts..sort of. So here are some more photos from one of my favourite cities in the world, Copenhagen! It was my first view of Europe (I came for the first time in my life many years ago with my dad) and I immediately fell in love with it. This city will always be special to me. The weather is always perfect, there's daylight well past 10pm during the summer, the atmosphere is laid back and sophisticated at the same time, and it's just such a colourful (literally) and friendly city. With lots of well-dressed good-looking people. Plus the food is amazing here. I could eat smørrebrød every day of my life if I could!

Nyhavn Kobenhavn
Danish pastries bread
They have the best bread/pastries here

Stroget tea shop
Danish boys
Hello, Danish boys

Stroget Copenhagen
Stork Fountain Stroget
Illum Sephora CPH
Summerbird Copenhagen
Nyhavn at night
Nyhavn Copenhagen at night
Joe & The Juice Kastrup Airport
Joe & The Juice Kastrup Copenhagen
One thing I noticed about Copenhagen - they have a LOT of juice shops. Joe & The Juice was my favourite one (mostly thanks to the cute servers..especially when they drew a heart on my order lol). They have locations around Scandinavia, Germany and London. Before my flights I always like to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours early. I have to say..sitting around Kastrup/Copenhagen Airport was one of the highlights of my trip. Highest concentration of good-looking men in suits I've ever seen..

boarding pass CPH to PRG Canadian passport
So sad to leave Copenhagen but little did I know at that time that my next destination, Prague, would end up being four continuous days of fun adventures & memories I'll never forget!

Copenhagen souvenirs postcards
Copenhagen souvenirs

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  1. I remember that on a previous CPH post of yours I commented that I didn't have such a great time over there. But reading this now kind of makes me want to go back. Plus a friend of mine from Lux has just bought a place there, so there are reasons to visit again. And I'd have to check on the highest concentration of good-looking men ;)


    1. you should definitely go again..sometimes visiting a place again under different circumstances/with different people will have a huge affect on your experience there!

  2. Wow so jealous! I would love to go!

  3. It looks amazing X


  4. I haven't been on a nature walk since forever too, and it was so refreshing to go for one again. And you're a Canadian (from your passport) I love Canadians since I went to Canada for the last 2 years. One thing which I'd really love to do now is to travel. Maybe during my summer holidays!


  5. I have never been in Denmark though it's near my country Finland. Copenhagen looks very beautiful and I'm sure I'll visit it some day. :) This post was very interesting and the pictures are nice. I also like you blog a lot and I'm following you now via GFC.

    xx, Iida

  6. Preciosas fotografías!!!

  7. Gorgeous photos Tiffany! All the teas look great! I'm glad you still have a lot of Europe photos left =P I think the next time I go on a trip I'll spread it out over a few posts too instead of lumping them all into days, I think it's more enjoyable that way and also when you go trips you might do so much in one day that it feels like a few days combined into one!

    re: Yes no dog toy is indestructible, my dog does have a few favorites that he's more gentle with.

  8. What an interesting country to visit. I enjoy your Euro-trip posts
    Have a lovely week ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  9. cool places! I'd love to visit Copehnagen!

  10. love these pics! i've never been!
    thanks so much for commenting on my blog - i'm now following you.
    hope you follow back xx

  11. I hope to visit Copenhagen one day. It seems a very interesting city to visit. Amazing photos Tiffany.

  12. i am dying to check out copenhagen

  13. looks amazing! love to visit! xxx


  14. I have been there as a kid and in winter, remember that it was a great place though xoxo ES

  15. Amazing city! I love the pics:)


  16. Gorgeous shots! This totally makes me miss Europe like crazy!

    The Glossy Life

  17. Holy cow I have to get to Copenhagen! It's so beautiful and you tell me the airports are filled with handsome men in suits... SOLD! Hahaha!


  18. this makes me wanna go there even more!! i live in germany and still never managed to go to this city which is supposed to be the city with the highest living standard in the world >___<

    i'm so happy i finally found a travel blog between all those fashion blogs <3
    new follower :))) !!!

  19. Copenhagen sure looks to be a great city. One day I'll get there, especially after seeing these excellent photos. Sounds like your whole trip was really good.

  20. I would love to travel more this year! I love Copenhagen. :)

  21. j'adore the mini photo-diary, simply beautiful. haven't ventured out to europe yet- will add copenhagen to my travel list! :) definitely agree on the 'first country' travelling to, they will always hold a special place in your heart. for me, it's india <3

  22. Gorgeous ! I wish I could be there…. In the meantime, I am just pinning the pictures …


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