312. NYC Part 5 | Russian Tea Room

NYC Madison Avenue
As many of you probably know, Paris is my most favourite city in the world. I most recently went this past June, which feels like forever ago..and I miss it terribly. To the point that whenever I see photos of it, it makes me sad that I'm not there right now. & Whenever I listen to Hotel Costes I think of aimlessly strolling around the city to Summer in Paris..or sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower every night with nutella crepes. I NEED TO GO BACK!!! Ok I should stop talking about Paris when this post is actually about New York lol. But that's just what I've been thinking about this past week..it relates to everything else that's been on my mind lately but I'll save that for another post.

Right now when I'm looking through these photos of NYC, I get a similar sort of feeling. Can't say I love that city even half as much as Paris, but I do wish I could rewind time (exactly a month ago today) to when I was there..this was a fun night:

Majestic Theatre Broadway NYC Phantom of the Opera
It was New Year's Day/January 1st. Clark Kent* & I went to watch Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre. The show was at 7pm and we barely made it there after getting out of bed that morning (umm..I mean evening) It was the day after New Year's Eve after all, plus I was running on a mere 2 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours thanks to my early flight! The show was beautiful, I would definitely go again..

Russian Tea Room New York
After that, we went to the Russian Team Room for 10pm post-theatre dinner..aka our first meal of the day. This place was near the top of my list (wanted to visit for years actually) and I just had to go. This is my favourite dinner from that trip! The food wasn't as amazing as I expected but it was such a funny evening.

Russian Tea Room menu
Caviar Russian Tea Room
My appetizer: Buckwheat Blini and Red Caviar

Chicken Kiev Russian Tea Room
Main: Chicken Kiev #2. I found a rubberband in the first but the servers were extremely apologetic about it.

Czar's Gold and Caviar Parfait Russian Tea Room dessert
Dessert: Czar's Gold and Caviar Parfait - Nougat cream, toasted almonds, chocolate sauce and 24-karat edible gold! SO GOOD..

Russian Tea Room tiramisu
Clark Kent's* tiramisu (?)

Apple Store NYC
NYC library
Grand Central Station
NYC window white decor
NYC skyline
The Standard High Line room
STK The Standard Russian Tea Room Raines Law Room

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  1. Looks yummie. Will have to try it out next time in NYC.

  2. So who is Clark Kent?? ;) I would love to go to the Russian Tea Room one day. New York - I love it! On my list it comes way before Paris.


    1. Hahah. My friend from New York wanted to be called Superman on my blog. I thought Clark Kent was better

    2. Good one!

  3. I love New York! and through your pictures I reminded myself about ;)

    Greetings from Berlin


  4. Also has chiken kiev when I visited the Russian Tea Room. Love all your photos from NY, can't wait to go back there and to Paris too ;) Have a great weekend xoxo ES

  5. Looks so much fun. Too bad the chicken wasn't that good. At least the dessert looked yummy, I like the interiors of The Russian Tea Room. I got to try it next time. Amazing photos of NYC. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi. I love your blog. Maybe wanna follow each other?? Let me know :) XOXO


  7. I've always wanted to try Russian Tea Room and I was going to do that when I was in NY but never made it there :( Next time hopefully. Reading your post made me think about which city I love more: New York or Paris... and I realised I can't even answer that. They are both so amazing that I just can't decide which I love most. I guess they're also so different from each other which makes it harder to decide. But as I said - both are amazing cities that I'm definitely gonna go back someday and that I've really started to love.

    1. you should try it next time!
      For me NYC is not entirely that much different from Toronto so I guess that's why I don't love it as much

  8. i haven't been to nyc for so long, but totally Paris is gotta be more tempting!! love your photos.. they truly make me feel hungry, and thank God i'm checking your blog in morning!! :)

  9. I do love Russian food, I wish to visit this place too)Amazing photos!
    kisses and hugs)

  10. Looks like such a fun night! I too am obsessed with Paris & couldn't stay away so ended up moving here :) hopefully you'll be back soon :)


  11. The theater looks gorgeous and I've always wanted to watch Phantom of the Opera, that's probably what I'd do all the time in nyc, just watched musicals and the such hahaha especially since I can't afford the shopping there, oh and museums of course =) I think that's so sweet you miss Paris so badly, I somewhat know how you feel because I feel that way about Tokyo too sometimes and I've been there three times already and still wanna go back! I hope you get to go back to Paris soon and eat lovely foods and take pretty photos of us to see! I feel bad for nyc being left out in it's own post hahaha

  12. Russian tea room super hot!!!
    Love your traveling adventures wherever you are!


  13. I'd love to go to Russian Tea Room. Sitting by the Eiffel Tower and enjoying nutella crepes is the best thing ever - I hope I can do it one day )
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  14. What a beautiful place! The food looks amazing!


  15. Amazing pics!! The russian tea room looks beautiful x


  16. oh it made me miss NYC) i liked the Russian tea Room)it`s much better than a lot of restaurants ijn Russia actually)))
    Nice pictures)



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